Motorola X Phone, The Latest Rumours That Are Moved by Network

Once presented major from HTC and Samsung Android phones, little, it seems that it is moving in the other manufacturers in regard to rumors. We could say that the next phone that will get regular information is Motorola X Phone.

Today we woke up with a new battery of rumors about the mysterious phone from Motorola, under orders from Google, in fact it will be the first product to create together, the former, despite the proven quality, were not the taste of the search engine company.

The last thing we had known of the Motorola X Phone is the ability to be configured to a significant level during the purchase, an idea posed by Guy Kawasaki, brand new Motorola Advisor, as something interesting to consider in the American company.

Phone Arena guys are sharing a so-called technical specifications that have little to do with those settings, but rather speak of a team locked in features, very good looking, and pretty realistic data for what we have in the market. We are going with them:

Motorola X Phone could use Snapdragon 800

First of all, speak of a screen of 4.8 inches with resolution Full HD, both data are quite credible for which we currently find ourselves in a high-end Android. The novelty would be at the premiere of Sapphire Glass to protect the screen, instead of Gorilla Glass (is three times more resistant).

Turning to the internal hardware, it would also provide a step forward with what there is in the market, using the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 800, running at 2 GHz. HTC One or Samsung Galaxy S4 versions use the model 600.

Among the details in the design that we bring forward, it draws our attention that in the corners of the terminal to be protectors made of rubber, forming a sort of bumper. It also speaks of a rear carbon fiber and some resistance to water and dust (IP-57). The picture accompanying the story is a recreation shared by people from GSMArena.

Battery size record

Another eye-catching detail is the battery of 4. 000mAh, that seems too large for a device below the five-inch battery in fact long to the current King of the market: Motorola RAZR MAXX with 3300mAh.

Can we believe these specifications? It is impossible to give them valid right now, but none of them sound wacky, on the contrary, quite in line with what we can expect from a device that will be shown at the end of the year, possibly in November.

X Phone, would sooner than expected?

The source of the news they pointed to November, but the same Phone Arena has been updated during the day output of the phone, and now speak of a window between June and July.

This means that it could be a product on the upcoming Google I/O, to accompany the new version of the Android operating system. Apparently, Motorola and Google are working to rush to arrive on time.