Motorola Unveils The Official List of Devices to Be Updated to 4.1 Android Jelly Bean

Following the announcement of Sony, it is now Motorola which are encouraged to give dates of update to 4.1 Android Jelly Bean more or less specific for their most current devices using the operating system of Google (new owner).

The biggest benefit of this update will be the new RAZR appeared this year. The extensive list appeared in the Motorola website, in principle, applies only to American territory. Let’s see which are the lucky ones.

As you can see, its novelties in the RAZR, RAZR M range, the HD RAZR and RAZR Maxx HD will be the first to receive the new update, that will come before the end of 2012. The same is true with the Motorola Xoom.

For other terminals as the Atrix HD or the original RAZR, the update will also come, but not clarify when. We assume that in late 2012 or early 2013.

As we mentioned, these updates are only listed for American territory, does not mention anything from other areas, even if we assume that sooner or later they will end up coming to our area.

What we don’t know is the attention that we will receive Spanish users Motorola with this new update, and more after learning that the company will close its doors in Spain (among other countries) at the end of this year.