Motorola Publishes Tools So We Liberate Our Android Bootloader

One of the most controversial issues in the Android community is the fact that manufacturers block the bootloader of its terminals. This, for those who are not familiar with the jargon, means that users who want to change the ROM of your terminal will meet with obstacles to do it.

In principle, is not something that worries the vast majority but who enjoy experimenting with our smartphone and testing new versions is an impediment, as well as a contradiction because we have a free operating system. The companies have been relaxing their policy on this issue and the last to do so was Motorola.

The American company has launched a website where you can download a series of applications and tools to unlock the bootloader Motorola Android gadgets. Although his gesture is commendable for the time being the catalogue of terminals is rather lackluster.

As of today, we can only release the Photon Q 4 G, an exclusive smartphone of the American operator Verizon, version WiFi de el Motorola Xoom and the Motorola RAZR in its Edition for developers.

At this news, perhaps arises the question of should I unlock the bootloader regardless of who is the manufacturer? On. If there is interest in change our Android ROM not worthwhile. If on the other hand we want to experiment with a little skill and patience notable improvements, can get along.