Motorola Not Upgraded to That Ice Cream Sandwich If It Does Not an Improvement on The Device

Motorola has recently been talking of updates to Ice Cream Sandwich of their phones, in the list of terminals that was shared there was names as Motorola Droid 3 or the Droid X 2, which would stay in Android 2.3.

In the North American market, where most phones of the American firm, work there has been a good buzz on the matter, so Motorola has wanted to answer publicly about the decision:

We work very closely with Google (China has given the go-ahead for its acquisition) and operators in each update, and obviously we want new updates to improve our phones. But if they will not get it, we will not perform the update.

It is a response that doesn’t make much sense, given that two phones that we quote are a relatively modern hardware, as dual core processor. That Yes, stay in 512MB RAM, something that seems not too marry Android 4.0.

We understand that performance is not the best, as we have seen on an underpowered phone like the HTC One V, but the reality is that access to interesting applications such as Chrome, you need Android 4.0, and many others that are yet to come lost. Do not think that having the latest version of Android is a fad, and less on phones like the Motorola cited.

Phones that are selling better and Motorola RAZR MAXX version, Yes will be upgrading to the latest version of Google’s operating system. Curiously they have with 1GB of RAM inside.