Motorola Invites-Moto 360 in Wait

Another company will present something in the beginning of september, and it is Motorola, which is the next in line.

Samsung has invited the press to the 3. September, and it is expected that Apple will at the 9, then Motorola will try to fill some of the void with their own event on 4. September.

Motorola Invites-Moto 360 in Wait

The invitation can be seen at our site, and depicts a flip flaps, with some symbols on. The symbols could easily be interpreted as Moto, Moto, Moto X 360 G and so a kind of headset or other wearable.

We’ve already written something about the rumors that abound about Moto G2, and also the sequel to the Moto and Moto X 360, which will be looked forward to with anticipation.

The last symbol looks like a headset, but it must be said that it will be over the edge to take it to a news event, unless it can be something special.

Motorola’s press event will, however, be looked forward to with tension, as both Moto, Moto X + 1 and G2 Moto 360 looks really interesting, and so we will have to see what the thing in your ear turns out to be.