Motorola Has Reorganized and Cut Its Workforce by 20%, 4,000 Employees

Motorola Mobility is starting to notify their employees who are considering cuts in the template, one speaks about 20% of it, closing a third of its ninety-four offices around the world.

We can interpret it as a first step by Google to reinvent the manufacturer of mobile in crisis. Following data-driven, one-third of the 4,000 employees who will leave the historic American company, are in United States.

4,000 jobs are also cuts become managers, the same amount: 40% of the Vice-Presidents are unnecessary.

Mainly belts in Asia and India, are also in the centres of development and research in Chicago, Sunnyvale and Beijing tightened.

Trim range, leaving markets without profitability

Motorola reported that it will perform an upgrade of the company with two main activities: out of markets where its operations are not profitable, and in regards to phones, cut the range currently possessing (27 phones in 2012).

As they have already decided some of its competitors, cut the range involves prioritizing on Smartphones, the market that moves money currently, choosing models that are really interesting.

It is a good time to remember that 90% of the benefits in Smartphones Apple and Samsung divide them is, and the rest is too little for companies the size of RIM, LG, HTC, Nokia, or the own Motorola. The worst thing is that there is too much light at the end of the tunnel.

We remind you that the purchase of Motorola Mobility began last year, but was closed in may for 12,500 million dollars. Almost everyone interpreted what Google wanted was the powerful American company patent portfolio to defend themselves in the courts.

Google always placed itself in the position of keep to Motorola as an independent company, but is already beginning to put hand to solve a very negative situation in financial results.

After obtaining the desired IP, speculated on the sale by Motorola (or even complete) parts, especially dedicated to the business of television cable and corresponding equipment. After the month, the company remains in the hands of Google, and I believe that with enough to contribute, especially in businesses that will not boot as Google TV.

The future of Motorola raises interesting, in a few months we have important fairs as the Mobile World Congress, and there is where you have to prove how much important is still the company to the market, and also how much is it for Google products.