Motorola Goes for Samsung in Their New Ads

A couple of months ago Motorola He took advantage of the bad reputation of Apple Maps pull e 6 iOS to make firewood tree fallen made a mockery in the form of advertising poster, as a good competitor that is.

We all think that after this mockery hid is the hand of Google, the other feature of topic maps from Apple. Now we see that Motorola “gives equal 8 to 80”: in its new ads Samsung-attacking.

We know that Motorola is closing international divisions in many countries to focus its expansion in several specific markets where has much pull the iPhone, but what is right now that other terminal which also sweeps beyond what’s going and it takes protagonism to the iPhone? Indeed, the Samsung Galaxy SIII.

“You stuck not downloading from another Galaxy, are faster with Motorola Droid RAZR HD” reads one of the comparative ads showing the speed of download of the new Motorola RAZR HD (which we will not see in Spain) against Samsung Galaxy SIII. The “joke” of the advertisement in particular comes when we know that both terminals they share same Qualcomm processor and modem.

More images, all appeared on the official Facebook of Motorola, compares other aspects such as battery, design and durability of their shells, all of this against a perfect rendering of Motorola and a mediocre and little defined Samsung Galaxy SIII render (not going to put good rendering, not).

Provocative attack of Motorola? No, the law of life

“In short, in this kind of promotional moves check as spent the companies to put all the meat on the spit with its innovations, da same which are of the same side or sworn enemies:”the skin is the skin”.

That if we can not blame to Motorola it precisely (we don’t know if this type of campaigns are born on their own initiative or by Google, and we doubt that Google bite one of the hand giving you eat in this case) is a widespread behavior.

With “little joys” when that is living the iPhone 5 now (compared to its predecessors) it is logical that all strive to be “the most”. The interesting thing will be to see how it goes this year among the high range Terminal, so decisive in many respects. Will Motorola (Google) get his coveted post highlighted by which both competes?

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