Motorola Does Not Have a Good Start to The Year: Sold 5.1 Million Smartphones

It seems that Google has not been any salutary lesson to Motorola Mobility, or it was not the intention of the company of the search engine when decided to purchase. Nine months later than was announced, the financial results they do not speak of the good year for the American company.

Completely focused on Android, as it is logical, and phones in my view as interesting as that may have competition, for example, new Droid Razr and Razr MAXX, has failed them attract the interest of the public.

Motorola has published a loss of 121 million dollars in its first fiscal quarter. They have managed to put on the market devices (tablets and phones) 8.9 million, of which 5.1 million were Smartphones. The total revenues are $ 3,100 million.

Motorola Mobility still showing as an independent company to Google, and it is difficult for the guys at Android to manage the situation in such a way that it does not appear that there are privileges in the face of other manufacturers, but will perhaps being time to lend a hand to the legendary American telecommunications company.

It is also possible that they are planning to pass it on to other hands, there was talk of Huawei, Once obtained the intellectual property they wanted Motorola to make stronger market Android.

Waiting for the green light in China

With respect to the purchase, although he was announced last summer, there are important details that we can not pass, since despite having been approved in Europe and United States, is still under study in China, issue which may be hindering the Google strategy.

An interesting figure in order to understand the magnitude of the union is the number of employees, Motorola has just over 20,000 in its ranks, and Google, with 33,000 employees.