Motorola Confirms Officially The X Phone under The Name Moto X

Interesting headlines that are leaving us the D11 Conference organized by All Things Digital. If Tim Cook was previously that revealed us some news in the short term by Apple, in yesterday’s sitting Dennis Woodside, CEO of Motorola Mobility, it was commissioned to tell us a little more his company plans. And care, because it confirms something important: the Motorola X Phone exists, it will be called Moto X and this summer will be launched into the market.

As expected, many details are not revealed on the terminal, which Woodside said to have in your pocket but not to teach him still. It said the phone would be able to distinguish if it was in the Pocket, in the hand or even in the car in order to “anticipate needs” of the user. It will feature a screen OLED, but except for this pair of data, the rest of the new Moto X features are a mystery.

Note also that the terminal be almost entirely manufactured in United States and that will not be the only from Motorola that we will see over the next months. “We will not launch a single phone, but” We are going to relaunch our entire line of products”in the autumn. That Yes, Woodside says that they will be only a “handful”, unlike what happened previously with their more than 40 phones in the market at the same time.

Finally, part of the interview focused on the fact that Motorola Mobility belongs to Google and the advantages this offers them on other manufacturers. The CEO of the company insisted that all Android manufacturers have access to Google’s services at the same time and under the same conditions.