Motorola Bet on Pure Android and Smaller Terminals

Jim Wicks, responsible for the design of Motorola section, has given an interview in PC Mag that talked about what the company is preparing for the 2013, and it has given some important clues of what We can expect of those future smartphones.

Although he did not give specific data models as the rumored Phone X, it was confirmed that These new smartphones will arrive in the second half of the year. But the really interesting thing is the intention of Motorola’s failure to follow one of the most important trends of recent months: the taste for increasingly large screens.
In fact, Wick made it clear that the idea is the produce terminal with dimensions lower than that being considered at present. Screens from 5 inches – or more, as demonstrated by the recent releases from Samsung and Galaxy Mega family – are too big and reduce ergonomics, and want in Motorola return to smaller models It is possible to easily handle with one hand.

Pure Android, “almost nothing” of bloatware

Another key that Jim Wicks unveiled was intended to simplify the most user – total Google philosophy – experience and offer an operating system based on pure Android, Google’s mobile platform without additives.

In fact, Motorola claim they will use that operating system customizations in a version without “unadulterated” for avoid the inclusion of bloatware -Although we will see what they have to tell the operators in this regard. As he said Wicks,

The people do not want all these applications fill their devices natively. They want to define themselves with these things. We are focusing on the simplicity and the power of the user.

Some really interesting statements that make us hope for the best from Motorola. Even so, We will have to have patience Since as we say, until the second half of the year we will not see real news concerning.