Moto X + 1: Topmobil with Leather Living Room

Motorola is trying it with new materials in their upcoming flagship. This time will be it leather.

Motorola is not afraid to try out new materials when a topmobil should be cut. Buyers of their current Moto X flagship, among other things, got 3 types of wood to choose from. In the successor becomes the palette expanded to include leather.

The coming Moto X + 1, also rumored to be called Moto X 2, will maintain the MotoMaker concept. Here you can choose what material there as a buyer must hold back when you order the phone online.

A recently leaked image at our site shows how leather variant takes it out. You can already now, view hint to the wear and tear that eventually would develop into patina-hopefully. In addition, the rumored to a denim-variant will also find their way to MotoMaker.

Motorola is not, however, first with leather for the smart phone: the honor belongs to the Finnish luxury manufacturer Vertu. The price of over 60,000.0-NOK makes, however, that it will not find its way into most people’s (now empty) pockets.
Motorola’s MotoMaker is not yet available in Denmark, but since its introduction last year, the concept expanded to, among other things, Germany and England.