50s fashion jewelry

One of the most prestigious fashion jewelry companies worldwide was the company Henkel & large, including 50 years produced by Bijou for Christian Dior. In addition, company high-quality fashion jewelry under the brand name great in the form of brooches, necklaces, earrings in colored playful flower shapes, suitable for the typical petticoat skirts and tops with narrow waist underlined figure came from the Pforzheim. Different sets in different price classes for an as broad as possible buyers emerged from this fashion jewelry. After the long collaboration with Dior the company has risen in 2005 in the same group. The jewels of Henkel & large stood throughout his life for contemporary design and technical innovation. Buildings such as the Victoria & Albert Museum in London or the Primavera Gallery in New York have the models in their collection recorded.

An exhibition in the jewellery Museum Pforzheim from the 17.09. 14.11.2010 presents the Henkel & large jewelry of the 50s in focus and there is also a view in the 60’s and 70’s with the typical Courréges style. An extensive programme of events accompanied the exhibition.