Models Of Vintage Dresses

Many trends pass indeed, but some come back from time to time as a sort of revival of an era in particular. This is the case of vintage fashion, which takes us back to the years 50 and 60 highlighting fashionable those parts which were trends.

Not everything that is old is out of fashion, but what remains still with everything on high, even with so different these days. Here, you will learn a little more about the vintage dresses to learn better how to use them on several occasions via

Vintage Dresses: Silhouette Highlighted

One of the greatest features of the models of vintage dress is that they score enough to your silhouette, then tend to leave the body with more curves and increase a little the hips. Most models of dresses of this time have belts, Pallas or cutouts in the waist, which is perfect for skinny women and who want to give that accentuated in the body.

Vintage Dresses: Delicacy And Romanticism

For women who seek a look better with an air of delicacy, romanticism, without sensuality, but with a unique beauty and particular, betting on vintage dresses is the solution for a perfect visual. Models in little tubes or more rodadinhos or whatever, they are all designed by referring to an era where women don’t show a lot of your body, but not less beautiful for that.

Vintage Xl? Make The Right Choice

This includes the more straight dresses and tubemodels, so should be avoided. For chubby women who want to bet on that wave more sets of models, dressed in evasê court or the famous skirts in style to these value models silhouette, especially when they have darker fabrics. In case of prints, preferably colors more closed too,

Vintage Prints For Vintage Dresses

It is very common you find printed models among the vintage dresses, then who likes that touch your clothes will surely love the stamping diversity that exists. The big difference is that they are quite “old” in relation to some latest prints, as for example, geometrical. Vintage patterned dresses feature more floraldesigns, balls, chess or any type of drawing that was common among the decades of 40 and 70.

Shoes Ideal For Vintage Dresses

Imagine you using a beautiful vintage dress and wanting to combine with a boot or a more current jump template?

Just as happens with the prints, any combination that refer to decades other than those cited above break a little the theme of your look. Most are short and closed sapatinhas, jumps like “Doll” or “peep toe“.

Accessories Suitable For Looks With Vintage Dresses

If you are one of those women who cannot do without a hyper necklace or earrings immense, as well as more showy, let the stored a little when you choose to use a vintage dress. All your accessories should be more discreet and more simple delicate possible.