Minimize Fishing Risks

The arrival of silverside invites face the open waters of the Rio de la Plata, especially in areas like Berisso or Ensenada. What precautions to take.

Silverside fishing is one of the pleasures of fishermen in Buenos Aires. The waters of the Rio de la Plata not escape that reality and risk boaters open water, either in the Playa Honda, near Buenos Aires and La  Plata, Berisso and Ensenada. And as navigation, like fishing, it should be a pleasurable activity, provide recommendations for safe return to port.

First of all, we need our qualifying card corresponds to the area of navigation which will pass. Keep in mind the limitations of each rating. Moreover, we must take all regulatory safety elements, however we consider them superfluous. If necessary we’ll see that everyone has a purpose. It would also be desirable any more flare, we never know if we will need.

Freshwater Fishing Tips:

Always on
on fuel, keep in mind that once we start we will not have more possibility of restock, so you should plan navigation well and know perfectly how consume our boat. Have at least 25% more for any eventuality. Know that the wind and waves, as well as the number of people on board, may increase the consumption of gasoline.


Many rely blindly on the GPS, but it should not be. It should be only an aid to navigation and not an item that can be trusted blindly. We recommend bringing a magnetic compass, as it is very rare to fail. Know the area where we are if we lose facilitate navigation accessories.


While many times we are not clear enough in the nursery usually one leaves written where to navigate, so always tell someone else about the area where we will sail, so that any inconvenience we may locate . Do not rely on cell: often do not have signal in the river. Should not return to the specified time, someone will be watching and will know where we would sail.


VHF equipment is very important in the fishing season, especially in open river because, in addition to knowing the location of other vessels and ask for help, knowing the state of the tides if needed will allow us.