Mini Leggings Reviews

So, our test was held in March in Mongolia, Transbaikalia and Lake Khövsgöl. Frankly, the place not the snow, but I had to walk on snow.

Mini Leggings. In the face of those that when snow was scarce, proved to be good. Yes, and in cases where there was a lot of snow, but that was pretty cool, too, proved to be a good idea. You can even say that freezing weather is an excellent choice, despite the amount of snow. Here it is necessary to take into account that on Tester, and I personally, had been wearing thermal underwear Sportful (Heavy)Our site, and membrane pants Vaude Krypton Pants Our site. Hence it is understandable that cover the feet above the place of articulation of the boot and pants I was nowhere. Not just anything, but harmful. After all, if we are on top of the membrane dress up anything else, theoretically, moisture will condense between the membrane and thereby “anything else”. In theory, because in the case of gamašami “mini” winter, this did not occur. What is the reason?The reason is that they cover a very small portion of the leg, and besides, not the poteûŝuû. In a Word, the inconvenience from what was put on the membrane of something else is not. Frosting is not happening, despite the fact that I wore these gaiters in the morning before leaving the tent, and filmed in the evening, after a tent zalezal. In this case, the material-Cordura Gamache. Why not avizent? That breathes?The answer is, as it seems in the field strength. Gaiters “mini” (winter) are where experience heavy loads. The foot zadeneš′ one on another, then on a rock, snag or potreš′sâ. Summing up the dignity, note:

  • Not felt on the leg. Put on and forgot. Light, small. Leg does not overheat. Just don’t feel them and all.
  • Do not go down. Well there is such a problem when leggings strive to leave the legs. These do not go down.
  • Its mission.
  • When riding the bike comfortable.
  • Little weigh


  • Disadvantages of the model do not see the one thing that I must write that do not confuse gaiters and overshoes. What’s the problem? Gaiters do not protect himself. And if the snow a humid, warm shoes, it is better to use gaiters to exclude contact of snow and boot at all. Even if boot waterproof conditionally.

An additional “test” proved to fall through into the water under the ice around their ankles. This test I hadn’t planned:), but it osuŝestvils somehow by itself. Equipment worked as expected-the water in through the top of the boot is not hit. While in the evening, under the gamašej I found a few pieces of ice. Apparently under the gamašu a little bit of water is horrible. In a Word, walk in gamašah knee-deep in water, but fail once.