Microsoft Smartwatch

A Patent Discloses how the Company Might look next Microsoft Smart Watch

It is obvious that all companies are preparing thoroughly his move to take the largest possible piece of cake from emerging market for wearables devices .While there are some who have shown their move (Samsung and Gear Fit, for example), there are still others by breaking into this market as Apple or Microsoft.

Microsoft Smartwatch

Apple plans and iWatch know very little so far beyond the possible functions identified by industry analysts, but Microsoft could have shown a powerful clue about the design of its next smartwatch. A new patent filed under the name of “electronic band” and published last March 25 is the best track on the intentions of Microsoft and its smart watch.

Of course, the company has not yet made any announcement, but his last two patents are the best proof of that are prepared to enter the latest technology market. The latter patent shows a kind of band with a rectangular screen attached , a design that does not share similarity with the products that are already in the market, because it is closer to the appearance of a sports band.

Interestingly, one of the inventors listed subscribed to this patent is Carl Ledbetter, one of the designers of Xbox . However, beyond this there is no other details about the product and its possible functions, so we must assume that would be a different band with intelligent monitoring functions.

Microsoft may deviate from the mainstream of the market and introduce their own smart band

Without doubt, it is interesting to see the particular proposal for Microsoft in the market for wearables, because it seems that finally the company come with hardware and software themselves, being one of the first record we have of the Redmond company.

Meanwhile, we are still waiting for Apple to announce its iWatch officially later this year. The apple device is expected to keep a closer watch to conventional design, though of course this may experience minor modifications which will move as the field of sports bracelet. On the other hand, according to Jibin123, the LG G Watch also found closer to launch and be the first to implement the Google operating system for wearables.