Microsoft Could Launch its own Smartwatch

A new Microsoft patent reveals plans for the company and its forthcoming entry into the market for wearables

The most important technology companies already have an eye on their next market: that of wearables devices. Earn a spot and monetize a large investment in the market of smartphones or tablet is increasingly difficult, for this reason seems to be that big companies like Samsung, Apple or newly discovered Microsoft, have set the goal in this new industry at least for the next few years.

Microsoft Could Launch its own Smartwatch

With all the rumors pointing to the arrival of iWatch later this year, wearables devices already on the market such as Samsung or those yet to come from other companies, has just appeared a patent that suggests a new member could join the party: Microsoft.

The patent shows that the company plans to immerse themselves in the uncharted waters of electronic devices and would wear through a smartwatch or smart watch capable of monitoring issues related to health and fitness. Does it sound? Here we present some of the features that emerge from the patent.

Apparently, it seems to be a kind of sports bracelet, although the design is far fromconcrete. This would incorporate a screen that would show the number of calories burned during exercise, distance and other functions that are not shown.

The smartwatch of course Microsoft would be oriented more toward fitness-related functions and exercise

In addition, the intelligent watch Microsoft would also offer support for messages, phone calls and music controls. On the other hand, the patent also describes an interesting Dock where you could keep the smartwatch when you were using or charging we needed. This accessory also include interesting addition to the device, such as clock-depertador or ability to bend to fit any surface feature functions.

Although no longer a patent and our experience in this field has taught us many times that many of them are just that, there is no doubt that major technology companies want to take advantage of the emerging market wearables and Watchtutorials is one of watch makers.