Michael Weggen Hal

Michael Weggen Hall is dedicated to the diamond in all its glory. Very classic in gleaming white, in soft natural tones such as champagne, cognac or brown or festive colorful as in the exotic fancies which are enthroned in award-winning unique – the designer and diamond expert makes the jewelry glitter in beautiful, modern shape. Along with his daughter Lisa, Michael produces exceptional jewelry, for which he uses not only gold and platinum, but attacks even on blackened steel and iron in the fourth generation. So exciting contrasts, which flow into a play of colors, which goes beyond the mere gems also arise. Color stones can be found – in spite of the focus on diamond. Blood-red rubies in black steel provide fascinating highlights in the collection of Nero. While some pieces of jewelry seem feminine and elegant, others show an archaic or playful side. Young, cheeky and trendy bright, scratch-resistant glass rings Mili, diamonds are incorporated into the present eventually. His uncompromising passion for the finer things of in life has made a fixture of the international jewellery scene.