Men’s Clothes for Your Body Type: Chubby Men

With a fashion directed the thin, the fat has to turn to find clothes that encourage, often remaining as the only alternative plus size stores, but even these are misguided about the colors, prints and fabrics, forcing the client to have a lot of common sense before you buy anything.

Continuing co our series of articles already included the altões and the kids with informative texts (here and here) Let’s now mount a guide with some tips for those who are used to seeing big numbers when you get on the scale or even for those who are not so out of the weight as well, but cultivate a pot belly.

As usual, we will leave a simple combination with shirt, Cardigan or knit, pants and shoes, but then we will present a list of the most suitable clothes, see below:

Examples Of Combinations Of Fatty Or Greasy Clothes For Men

The secret and stretch the silhouette and, at the same time, use fabrics that do not mark the full-bodied, body. Like you are a big guy can wear stout footwear and accessories, but that show style and personality.

Look left–use the Cardigan closed to create a V that draws attention to your face and minimizes the side volume, combined with the pants and shoes in dark tones and next will cause your silhouette seem slimmer.The shirt can be a more open and pointed collar harmonizing with your face.

Look right-A collar with buttons or zipper left ajar will show the collar of shirt that will frame your face, by highlighting it. In this case, a nice tie will only help even more, but the skinny may be disproportionate, so try a traditional and see if you like it. The thick-soled shoe looks really good with your body type and the shades of gray are great to leave the volume less apparent, but as it’s all very neutral, choose a mind-blowing watch and sunglasses that match the shape of your face to make the look more stylish!


Suits–we know everybody loves the two-button jacket, but the three, with your high-buttoning, it is ideal to give prominence to your face and get the look of the belly. The Pinstripe and fishbowl help on verticalization of the silhouette, so are highly indicated.

Shirts–the full-bodied fabric, such as Oxford or Fishbone, fall well without scoring. Once again the vertical stripes are a good choice in social, as in casual, while the boss has to have a standard medium, not too small, not too large.

Collar-open and long will lengthen your face if he is too round, already high help that has double chin, but harm who have short neck, then do not buy just to look, try to find the best.

Ties-the fatties can abuse this accessory, especially the thick stripes and bold colors, because it will give a nice highlight your face and your chest, leaving the look of 3 button suit extremely chic!

Shoes–the full-bodied combine very well with you! Try the of thick sole that has everything to do with your body type and even adds a few centimeters to more to your stature. Despite several men believe are perfect – what a mistake! -the shoes are very delicate and low for a guy with your size, but if you want to use them anyway, choose a color next to the pants to create the illusion of lengthening.

Knitwear-sweaters with v-neck and cardigans are great allies, as well as the knitwear fluted, whose plot creates vertical lines that help the “emagracer”, but remember to keep the tones close to the pants.

Pants-the dark jeans and without a lot of washing is perfect not to thicken the legs and make it look like you’re shorter than in reality, the khakis and chinos heavy Twill fall well without scoring just don’t opt for the position he will leave seiu very bulky body. The trim ideal for you is the rectum (or straight), the slim fit and skinny too stand out the belly and get very tight.

Bermuda–despite the fat have a crush on Bermuda who seem to capri pants so long, the length just above the knee is most recommended to not hurt your legs. Once again the ideal tissue shows Twill, giving the possibility to play with the various available colors and mount looks nice. Many pockets and protruding tabs are not good for you, try to stay in the flat models for valuing your body.

T-shirts and poles–full-bodied cotton t-shirts and v-necks are good options, as well as the pike poles that don’t score much and whose collars call attention to the face, but choose smooth or with, at most, “chest stripes, those stripes on the chest.

Jackets and coats-of zipper or buttoning simple work well, especially if you use open, forming a vertical line up to the face, it helps to create a leaner silhouette, double buttoning might work, but in this case have to prove and use common sense. The wool coats should be compact and fabric lining in order not to create a very bulky.

Accessories-you can use showy parts as thick belts, but with discreet buckles or watches with big box and bracelet. Some argue that the hats help to elongate the body, but that’s your style, there are people who don’t look good with the attachment, others were born to use it, regardless of the body or the shape of the face. Suspenders are another option for fat, in addition to avoid the belt by tightening the belt, contributing to verticalize the look.

Fabrics And Raw Materials

Oxford shirts, denim jackets and pants for, namely, fabrics with good structure but without much volume are the friends who have some extra pounds and follow the same path the jeans, wool and materials like leather. Don’t get the synthetic, mark too much and give a cheap-looking clothes.

Prints And Patterns

Thin vertical stripes and plaids are for median let fatty more elegant, especially if they have low contrast. As the shirts, it’s worth betting on the prints on the chest that take the attention in the belly, especially dark background.


The suit has to be with traditional cut and if you get any left send adjust, straight pants and Bermuda also. The shirts are asking a modeling confort and should finish about 20 cm below the waistband of pants, if you decide to use them on the outside. The jackets are also below the waistband and coats up to maximum, the length of the jacket, which is at the end of the hip.


Stick to dark colors they will work in conjunction with the fabric, the fit and the prints to create an illusion that your body is more tall than it really is. As men love the ashes, it’s easy to use them to your favor, investing in just a few spots of color, as in tie, for example, to highlight just what you want.