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If you need to determine the vintage style in a few words, they are: classic, luxury and elegance.

Meilleur VPN Pour France

The word “vintage” literally translated from French means still wine from an exceptional vintage.

The definition of vintage style, however, nothing to do with wine. It is rather the best of the past combined with the current in a unique and beautiful way.

Vintage call each garment, accessory or furniture with a distinctive retro touch,whether authentic or artificially aged.

The trend is becoming popular for several reasons.

We can not ignore the fact that vintage is accessible to everyone, as the only condition is imagination. Naturally, it needs a dose and courage and sense of style to wear vintage clothing.

For some, it is too pompous and pretentious, but in any case, does not impose limits on your desires and fantasies. The biggest advantage of the vintage is that it is unique.

This of course can only be achieved with expensive designer clothes and furniture, but quite salty price.

From dusty belongings on your favorite grandmother can come out just as valuable finds. If you do not have such a legacy, you can find fascinating things in the antique shops that will highlight your personality and give a unique atmosphere of your home.

You can always refresh your living room by placing small vintage accents. Freedom decisions is complete, because vintage is compatible with any style furniture and objects.

Unlike decorative, authentic and antique furniture are far on any pocket. However, each “Anylistintheus” drop ceiling can play the same role. Either worn jewelry box or an old turntable.

Most people like this style because it gives the house a sense of naivety and hearty welcome , which makes it so favored in the overall furnishing of cafes, bars and restaurants.

If iskateda enrich not only your home but your wardrobe with exquisite vintage, you should be aware that it is not mass fashion.

Its typical femininity revives the aesthetics of the past years. We should not be afraid to be women and be elegant, because even in dynamic and busy schedules always room for tenderness and beauty.

Overcoming the stereotype imposed in Bulgaria for a beautiful and modern is the first step.

Do not think that you will be rejected if they dared to be different and to express yourself.

Vintage trend is not just fashion, it is an art.