Meaning of GPS

What is GPS?

GPS is the abbreviation for “Global Positioning System” which means global positioning system, in Portuguese. GPS is a satellite navigation system with a mobile device that sends information about the position of something in any time and in any weather conditions.

The GPS was created in 1973 to facilitate navigation systems. Currently, there are two types of satellite navigation systems: the American GPS, which was initially only to military use, and today the citizens already have access, and the Russian GLONASS.

The GPS is used in General and commercial aviation and maritime navigation, however, currently is used by several people, who want to know your position in your own city, and mainly for travel. The GPS has the power to find the path to a certain location, know the speed and direction of the displacement. Currently, the system is being widely used in automobiles, with a system of maps which makes it easy enough to know and discover new paths.

Meaning of GPS

There are several types of GPS, of different brands with solutions “all-in-one”, as the outsiders which are connected by cable or bluetooth, and yet very modern phones that have GPS in your own applications.