McDonald’s Will Introduce a Payment before the iPhone 6 Smartphone Launch

McDonald’s is the world’s largest fast food restaurant, and now they will introduce payment using NFC.

McDonald’s is the world’s largest family restaurant, but most visit the restaurant on his way from a city tour or day after. Fast food chain will now be on payment for goods, using smartphones.

An internal McDonald’s MEMO has been leaked, and the timing of the introduction of the smartphone payment is hardly coincidental, as it shows that the system must be clear 15ende September. We can remind the Mobile page’s readers on that Apple holds an event 9ende September where it is expected that Apple presents an iPhone 6.

McDonald’s payment system is so ready 6 days after the next-generation iPhone is presented, and the model is on the way out in stores. However, using NFC payment system and thus not McDonald’s Apple’s own payment system. There have been rumors that Apple will launch their own payment system, but McDonald’s has chosen to go the NFC road, and thus can Android and Windows Phone users also benefit from mobile payment.

The timing, however, can easily lead to speculation that Apple also will support the NFC, even though they may also launches its own payment system.

So far, however, it is only in the United States, the fast food chain will have NFC payment, but would you know that it comes to Denmark?