Mat for Under Sleeping Bag

Why use mats for sleeping bags? Pads, bedding, decoration or under any other name still known, serve to protect you from the cold and moisture. And because it is not at all pleasant to wear mat that weighs 1-2 kg, so here are some better options.

Litter sleeping bags are not among the things that you can remove from your list. Every tourist wants to reduce the weight of the load that brings, but even supporters of the lightest tourism would not be deprived of comfort. Someone wants you while in nature can carry in a backpack from those big inflatable mattresses? Therefore for this purpose and has adequate bedding.

Litter usually weigh about 150 grams. And you can safely carry even two of them. You’ll find them at any merchant who sells tourist equipment. On average dimensions are 60 to 180 cm. If you are small in stature can even ponamalite them little by cutting some of them.

It is enough to cover your body from shoulders to pelvis. You can reduce slightly and width, but be careful not to overdo it. To do this do it a little bit and try how you feel in these sizes. The mat should be small, but at the same time to insulate your body from the ground. To cushion you can use spare clothes you wear and your legs you can put on your empty backpack.

To make your bed, really light, cut part of it. So you can save about 30-40 grams of weight? And enter the column of obsessed tourists!

And you want to lose weight yet? Then let the bed home and try to sleep where the ground is soft. You can make a bed as collect a pile of dry leaves and grass. Do this where will affect the environment. Fifteen minutes of work each night before going to bed, you can leave the mat and even sleep more comfortably. Mat by a thick layer of dry leaves and grass – this saying true tourist mattress!

You want a softer? For this purpose there are inflatable mats that tourists appreciate very light – inflatable. There are those who weigh up to 450 grams and fat targets 6 cm! If you have used any, please share what you think about them. And there are those self-inflatable mats that are even lighter. This means more comfort at lower weight of the load. And more opportunity to enjoy nature.

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