Mascara-Mask of Cilia:the Complete Guide

Every woman knows what a mascara eyelashes from, but mask/there’s always new products on the market and details to know and stay even more beautiful.

Today we will give tips on types of brushes, resistance, colors, what’s new, how to apply eyeliner, basic care and removal.

Mascara – types of brushes:

Another type of applicator that is different from the others, it’s the Diorshow 360, he promises to leave the eyelashes, see image below:


The ríméis can be:

  • Soluble in water:do not mark anything in the package that are waterproof and come out easily in the shower. Good points:come out with ease. Negatives:don’t let the eyelashes with both volume and if cry blurs.
  • Water resistant:as the name says they are only water resistant and doesn’t mean you are totally waterproof. Good points: the removal is quieter than waterproof. Negatives:they blur a bit with water.
  • Waterproof:in this type of mascara, comes clearly written on the package that are waterproof. Good points:cause enough volume to lashes and not smudge easily. Negatives:the removal is difficult, it is necessary to have a makeup remover, since washing with SOAP generally irritates the eyes.


Colorless:ideal for those who like a neutral look or to serve as a primer for the black mask.

Brown:perfect for blondes who want to give a highlight, but without drawing too much attention.

Black:ideal for those who want to enhance and highlight the look well.

Colorful:for creative women and with a lot of personality.


Eyelash mask with the vibrating applicator:saves you the trouble of making zigzag movements you JAG, see below.

Mascara with primer:is ideal for those who love long lasting.

Mascara for the eyelashes grow:a good example is the Renew Lash Serum of L’Oreal.

Mascara tube technology:they form a layer on the eyelashes, go out with warm water, are perfect for those who don’t like the waterproof type and want something sturdier. An example is the Clinique Lash Power Mascara, click here to buy.

How to apply:

It is important to note that in the lower lashes, the applicator must be kept upright.

Basic care and removal:

Always check the expiry date of the product, after open the ideal is to use no later than the 6 months.

If your mascara has dried, I mean or that he is not very good or it’s time to buy another.

To remove use makeup remover, no passing other products they can assault your eyes.