Marshop Launches New Line Of Men’s Bracelets And Necklaces

Talk TIME, everything okay with you?:) OOPS, have to Release today Coriander? And Male Accessories? That’s right? That’s right! haha the Marshop give the guys here in the male fashion for presenting your new line of bracelets and Necklaces for men, with 12 news in accessories.

Men's Bracelets And Necklaces 1

Also, firsthand, the brand disseminates your new Site, with new structure and Visual Reworked. AHHHHHHH and to give help aqueeeeeeela in your pocket, I got discount coupon with the brand. So bora pro post NOW to see all of this in detail? GO

You already know the Marshop ? National brand, who has appeared several times on HERE on the Blog and has new products almost every month. Well, how’s release, could not be different, right? TheMarshop had to come in here, even more so that, in addition to the new products, they’re showing theNew Site too, boooooa!

But it has a lot to say haha Commenting some of this new line of accessories from Marshop, 12, all releases are distributed in men’s Bracelets, necklaces and Bracelets Combos too by one of the most striking features of the trademark: the mixture of Materials, mainly of leather with steel.

New Site, new products, new forms of payment and now with 10% discount on ticket, Jeez! Let’s see it all in detail. Separated below every release of Marshop, the new conditions and also DISCOUNT COUPON exclusive to who is Male reader. See:

Men's Bracelets And Necklaces 2

01) Male Heritage Cross Necklace
Heritage Cross Necklace, made in Zamak alloy that does not rust (healthcare), has a small adjustment to adapt best to your style.
02) Male Syrio Bracelet
Bracelet composed of rocks of Hematite 8 mm with black agate.

03) Knucle leather collar
The knuckleduster formerly used by gangs and the mafia today has a different meaning, as an expression of strength and power. This Necklace’s pendant brass knuckles is with Onyx bath, giving a greater brightness.
04) Male Musical note Bracelets C/04
Set of music themed men’s bracelets, bracelet with treble clef symbol, Hematite Bracelet and complementary leather bracelets.

05) Male Tyson Glove Necklace
Necklace with pendant of glove on circular link made in Zamak alloy with lobster clasp which allows you a little adjustment.

06) Judah Lion leather bracelet
Black genuine leather strap with 1, 5 cm wide and inset of cruz Leon.

07) men’s Bracelets Ancora C/04 Kit Black
Men’s bracelets combo with black anchor, the bracelets can be used together or separated, made in leather and Hematite 6 mm.

08) Male Ring Necklace
Necklace in zamak with varnish that increases the durability of the piece.

Men's Bracelets And Necklaces 3

09) Leather Bracelet Jesus
This men’s Leather Bracelet has an inset with writing “Jesus”, width 3 cm bracelet with more robust that covers much of the pulse.

10) Leather Bracelets Knot-C/03
Men’s Bracelets Leather kit consisting of 3 black bracelets, can be used together or separately.

11) Cross leather collar Savior
Paste in the shape of a third, made in genuine leather with adjustable Brown, pendant made in Zamak alloy, does not rust, respecting the conservation tips.

12) Leather Bracelet Harbor
Nautical themed, this leather bracelet with adjustable is produced in macramé, for various sizes.

The Marshop separated 2 EXCLUSIVE discount coupons to anyone who is Male reader, see the information below:

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EAE team, you knew the Marshop? What do you think of this new line of accessories for them? Enjoyed?

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