Makeup Step by Step Instructions

Nowadays there are few women who do not wear makeup. After all, makeup products are increasingly accessible and she still has the power to enhance the feminine beauty. However, it is common to find women with questions and difficulties in making some models of makeup.

Makeup Step by Step Instructions

Ideally, you know some makeup techniques for each situation, according to the type of skin, face and style.

Learning the basics, that is do a makeup for the day and night, it is possible to look great in any type of situation.

To help in the production of makes to you use at work, day in and day out, at parties, events and special occasions, we have compiled the best step-by-step makeup tutorials. See:

Preparation of the Skin

The step by step makeup should always start with the preparation of the skin. For this reason it is very important to know how to make a skin made for an amazing result.

The preparation is key, because hides imperfections and illuminates the skin. See how to make the skin preparation for day and for night.

Makeup for the Day

For starters, how about learning how to make a makeup for use during the day is super easy and quick to do? This make is ideal for those days that you are in a hurry, but don’t want to leave the face clean.

Makeup for the Night

If you haven’t had much practice with more elaborate makeup, a good option is to bet on a make easier to do. It’s not because the makeup is easier to do that she doesn’t look good. Many productions that are easy to do leave the visual for evening perfect.

Makeup Step by Step for Large or Small Eyes

With a makeup simple you can also enhance the look according to the shape of your eyes. If you have small eyes meet 10 makeup tips for women with small eyes.

And for those who have large eyes also has a specific trick to enhance the look and leave the perfect makeup. See below how to do makeup step by step to increase and decrease the eyes.

Makeup for Special Occasions

You look beautiful on special occasions such as weddings, graduations and parties, you need to know to make a more sophisticated and elaborate makeup. So, check out the following tips on makeup step by step for use in situations that require more glamour.

In addition to these step-by-step makeup tutorials, select some photos of beautiful productions for you be inspired!

If you want to hone their skills even more, I recommend the online professional makeup course of Bianca Andrade or simply Bia. She is an internet phenomenon when it comes to makeup.