Maglite Flashlights

Maglite is the company that set the standard for the modern flashlight. The company is one of the world’s most famous manufacturer of flashlights in all sizes. Their products are designed for professional users with high demands and therefore has become known worldwide for its high quality and light ability. At first, their flashlights directed mainly against police officers, firefighters and mechanics. The reputation of the reliable, robust and rechargeable flashlight spread quickly, however, and soon they had taken over a large part of Flashlight Industry

The company was founded in 1955 by Anthony Maglica and has since been an American company. All manufacturing is still done in the US, which is something that the company is very keen. The company is known to be innovative and efficient. It has its headquarters in Ontario, California, since 1982, where they also have one of their newly built plants with a large number of the 850 employees.

Before Maglite made its appearance on the market, most flashlights unreliable and had substandard performance, which was changed (with a vengeance) in 1979 when they released their Mag-Lite Flashlight and revolutionized an entire industry. There had previously been a small and forgotten part of the market was less than a decade one of the fastest growing segments of the economy.

The company released a few years later, both the Mini Maglite Solitaire and that both quickly became incredibly popular among users. The company currently has a wide range for most applications, but is still focused on professional users. One of the absolute best-sellers are MagCharger which is one of the world’s most widely used flashlights and has set the standard for rechargeable flashlights.

Original lamps powered by high-intensity halogen lamps, but the company has recently released a series of updated versions of their flashlights powered by the latest technology LED flashlights soled on Garyflashlights. This transition provides flashlights even better power consumption, brightness and power than previous models.

Among the latest models in the range are the XL series in an innovative way, allowing you to control multiple functions flashlight by touching the hand instead of pressing the button, which can be extremely useful in many difficult situations.

An interesting detail is that the company (unlike many others to weaker) never have started doing headlamps. You simply have chosen to focus wholeheartedly on one is really good at – to produce truly awesome flashlights.

This is a good choice for anyone who is looking for a “real flashlight.” There is also a wide range of accessories like belt clip, wall mount, carrying case, colored lenses and colored cones for all possible situations. We also sell extra batteries and light bulbs to most models in the range.

The company has over the years become award winning various design awards for its innovative products and inventions. The company also has several patents on their products.

If you are looking for a reliable, bright and durable flashlight with low operating costs that impressed the market for decades as the Maglite is the right choice.

Maglite is an American made torch for professional use. Incredibly popular security forces around the world when a Maglite flashlight is reliable, durable and performs well. In the earlier stages was the flashlight popular with American police as it could also be used as a baton without the flashlight took damage. Today the torch of police, emergency services and security forces around the world in everything from inspection of the dark areas. The models ranging from small pocket friendly flashlights powered by AAA batteries for portable searchlight powered by rechargeable D6-cell batteries.

With a Maglite flashlight you never need to worry about the hardware must give way. They are made of aircraft aluminum with O-ring sealed openings.This makes Maglite flashlight perfect for use in outdoor activities, sports and other activities that involve hard.

Today most Maglite flashlights with LED lamp, providing torches longer lifetime due to their low power nature. An LED also provides the flashlight more light intensity compared to the old, traditional light bulbs. Maglites torches lit very intense and thanks to their smart circuits can hold the flashlight light intensity longer than most flashlights.

If you are looking for an extremely reliable flashlight that serving police officers, firefighters, paramedics and the military since 1979. A flashlight is built to last for years and years without losing performance. Then, a Maglite flashlight is for you. These flashlights are usually used as a base in comparison with the new flashlights and has set the standard worldwide for what a rechargeable flashlight will cope.