Lyrics As Featured in an Apartment of 50 M ²

I don’t know about you, but to me every day I like most of the letters in the decorating. Large print to put in some strategic place home, loose or bundled together. In the apartment of today lyrics are the highlight.

Situated in a building constructed in Stockholm at the beginning of 1920, the style chosen for your retirement and decoration is modern, with a touch of Bohemian chic and a bit romantic. The main colors are white beige with some elements in coffee and grey. This color scheme makes the light in space and he seems more spacious and airy.

In these 50 m ² the main trick to create the illusion of space is to use white as a main base, large Windows which let in the light, have a few rooms and a few furniture. In addition, all, little personal details create heat and its own personality. In this case it’s the wallpaper or wall sticker (also called adhesives)and pillows in the living room, the dining room moldings, wood letters, and of course, the plants. This room has a smooth white wall where was added prints and impressions of letters. In the kitchen you can find shabby chic style furniture and natural wood floor.

The surprise room with your wall is made with recycled wine boxes and patterned curtains, being the lyrics highlight the decoration. An old violin in the wall adds romance to space. The apartment is really charming and well lit. I love all the space by the concept of recycling and the use of the letters in any decor.