Louis Vuitton Handbags: a Handbook for You to Buy

The Louis Vuitton brand is well known for its clothes and, especially, for its accessories.The brand handbags are one of the most desired fashion items among women around the world.Many of her models have become classics and are part of the wardrobe of many fashionistas and fashionistas.

The history of the Louis Vuitton brand is linked to the production of purses and bags.Its founder, Louis Vuitton, was one of the most famous makers of the piece as early as the mid-nineteenth century.

Its most notorious fact and that makes the brand to be acclaimed until today by its accessories, was the suitability of the format of the suitcases for the trips of ships, being considered the creator of the modern baggage.Before Louis Vuitton, the suitcases were box-shaped and took up a lot of travel space.

Some brand numbers show all their power.According to Forbes magazine, specializing in business and economy, Louis Vuitton is the most valuable fashion brand in the world and is among the 20 most powerful brands in the world.Much of this success comes from sales of bags and bags, considered the flagship of Louis Vuitton.

7 classic and ultra-desirable Louis Vuitton handbag models

There are several models of purses produced by Louis Vuitton. Each season, the brand launches new collections with pieces that have seen desire among women.However, some models are already classic and are in all collections of the brand that always maintains the pattern, changing only pattern, color or material.

Among the most famous prints are the monogram of the brand, which are the “L” and “V” intersecting with the symbol of Louis Vuitton, and the so-called damier, which is the checkered print of the brand.Normally, the bags appear in light brown to dark brown, but the checkerboard of beige and blue is also common.

To purchase your classic and original Louis Vuitton handbag, the brand has its Brazilian e-commerce .For those who like to see the piece live before buying it, Louis Vuitton has four physical stores in Brazil: São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia and Curitiba.The price of a Louis Vuitton handbag revolves around $ 5,000 and for those who are not thinking about spending that money, an alternative is to rent in stores like Bobags .

If you want to buy, but still in doubt about which model to choose, below are the seven most classic and desired models of the brand, so you know more about each of the bags and know which best suits your style:


The bag that is never full, translation of the name of the model, is one of the best selling accessories by Louis Vuitton.It is dedicated to women who like big purses to carry everything they can in them.Being a classic model, it can be used by women of all ages and with the most varied styles.There are three sizes available and there is also variety in the colors, can have the traditional prints or be smooth colored.Prices range from R $ 4,400 to R $ 7,350.


Another model dear to women is Speedy.The bag is perfect for those who seek practicality, since their sizes suit the needs of all women.The Speedy can be a very small bag in the Speedy nano model, but it can also be perfect for those who like to carry a lot of stuff, the Speedy 40. There is a good variety in the prints and materials, offering the ideal bag for your style.Prices are between R $ 2,710 (in the nano model) and R $ 10,400.


The Alma model is perfect for those who like stylish and structured purses.The Alma bag is one of the favorites among celebrities, being the darling of singer Rihanna.There are five sizes ranging from the nano to the larger GM model.This is one of the handbags that offer more variety in material and color, being able to meet with monogram, damier, smooth and other prints that vary according to the collection.For those who want to buy, there are bags from R $ 3,700 to R $ 62,500.


The Keepall bag is the largest among the most popular models and, as its name says, it fits everything.Perfect for quick travel, it is also a great choice for modern women who leave home with no time to go back and with several different appointments on the agenda.You can either do it as your main purse, or you can use it just to carry what you can use during the day.You can find Keepall in four sizes and various materials and colors.The prices are between $ 4,900 and $ 20,200.


Noah is the Louis Vuitton handbag made for those who like to be modern and jovial.Perfect for carrying on the shoulder, this model combines with more casual styles and for those who like to be fashionable.The bag style bag is ideal for day to day life and for those who want to have a differentiated Louis Vuitton bag.There are three sizes ranging from the nano model, very small, to the classic NM, which is a medium size.You’ll also find models with the famous monograms as well as the brand’s colorful handbags.To have this scholarship, you can spend from $ 2,710 to $ 8,100.


For those who like a small purse and carry the Louis Vuitton logo, Saumur is undoubtedly the ideal bag.With only one model available in the Brazilian e-commerce, the Saumur model also brings a touch of joviality, being able to be carried in the transverse or the shoulder.It is the bag made for you to go out in some more informal night event, like a ballad or a bar or also for those who do not like to carry weight during the day.The price is $ 5,550.


The last bag on the list is the one that carries the most charm and is the most suitable for that special event.The Chain Louise model carries the Louis Vuitton logo in gold, leaving the bag more sophisticated.The bag does not have the classic prints of the brand, like the monogram and the damier.The more traditional one is smooth, varying in color, but there is also the option of those who like leathers like snakes.All the sophistication leaves the purse with the most expensive price, starting at R $ 7,650 and having models up to R $ 54,000.

10 curiosities about Louis Vuitton bags

No wonder that Louis Vuitton purses are loved by women.Its history, its quality and its timelessness are factors that make Louis Vuitton handbags the most remembered and renowned in the world.Some curiosities about the brand and about the bags help to understand why this importance.

  1. Louis Vuitton, before becoming famous for his modern suitcases, made travel chests for the wife of Napoleon, the French emperor.
  2. The Louis Vuitton brand had, for some time, exclusivity to use the damier (chess) in their purses.Since 1998, the brand was the only one that could use its traditional colors of chess, nevertheless, in 2015, a European judge decided by the break of the exclusivity.
  3. Louis Vuitton handbags are one of the most fake in the world.The brand spends about € 15 million annually to avoid forgeries.She has already won two major lawsuits: one against Ebay and another against Singga Enterprises.
  4. For those who do not know, Louis Vuitton handbags are waterproof and fireproof, reasons that guarantee their high price and quality.
  5. Another reason that justifies its quality is the durability of the bags.Before they are marketed, they undergo several tests that ensure that it stays flawless for many years.
  6. Another reason that proves the quality of Louis Vuitton handbags is that they are handmade and take about a week to be ready.
  7. If you’re expecting the next brand promotion to buy your purse, forget it.The brand does not give discounts on its products.
  8. In addition to not placing the bags in the promotion, whenever the collection is exchanged, the bags that were not sold return to the factory and are destroyed.This is one of the measures for brand to maintain its exclusivity and, also, its high prices.
  9. The most luxurious boutique of the brand is in Paris, more precisely on the Champs-Elysées.The shop also has a terrace where you can watch the Eiffel Tower.
  10. Bags and bags are the main products of the brand, but Louis Vuitton also sells clothing, accessories such as scarves, wallets, and all kinds of jewelry, as well as pens and notebooks, all with the monogram of the brand.

Replica: How to tell if a LV bag is fake

Louis Vuitton handbags are one of the most fake in the world.The brand invests millions of euros annually to protect its assets and inhibit counterfeiting.However, it is still very common to find Louis Vuitton fake purses being sold as if they were true.

About 99% of Louis Vuitton bags sold worldwide are fake.So if you want to have a purse, the probability of finding a fake one is quite large.However, there are some ways to prevent and guarantee an original Louis Vuitton.The first tip is to go straight to a Louis Vuitton store or an authorized dealer.On the site of the brand you find the addresses of the physical stores and the possibility of buying online.

Another tip is to always prefer to shop in physical stores than in virtual stores.Often, just from feeling the Louis Vuitton handbag it is already possible to realize its truthfulness or not.Take special note of the material, noting that many of the original Louis Vuitton handbags are not made of leather but canvas-coated canvas.If the bag you want is leather, note the quality of it.The original bags have a dry leather and in no way present oily, sticky or slippery material.

The Louis Vuitton brand works on every detail of the purse.So checking to see if the seam is perfect can also help differentiate an original Louis Vuitton from a fake one.The originals never make the seam pass in the middle of your logo, for example.Louis Vuitton bags also never have loose or back-to-back yarn at the end of the seam.

The liner is another important detail that can help detect fakes.Make comparisons of the original Louis Vuitton tote liner with the one you are reviewing.Compare color, finish and make sure it is the same as the original.If it only seems, it is already a reason to doubt the originality of the piece.Similarly, compare the inner pockets and see if there is a quantity equal to the original.Anything different may be grounds for the purse being falsified.

The manufacturing site also helps detect a counterfeit.Most Louis Vuitton handbags are made in France.However, some special editions may come from other countries, such as Spain.Try to observe this detail in the original and compare it with the bag you wish to buy.Any spelling mistake is evidence of spoofing, even though it is more difficult to do in replicas similar to the original.

Remembering that Louis Vuitton bags do not go into discount and do not extend collections beyond the season.So, in case you see a branded purse with a big discount, or that purse craved launched last year, be wary.They may even be original, but they are probably second-hand.So always be aware of the details and the quality of the product, compare the originals and do not look for big discounts.If the bag leaves you in doubt on any of these items, avoid buying because it may be a fake.

Bag inspired:buy or not?

Many women wish to have a Louis Vuitton handbag model, but not everyone who has the financial means to purchase a brand handbag.An alternative for those who dream of a Louis Vuitton model is to look for an inspired bag.Contrary to what many people believe, an inspired purse is not a copy of the original.

The inspired bag is one that has the similar model, but still holds some original items of the brand that is putting on the market.That is, a Louis Vuitton handbag can inspire another brand to make a purse for your collection.Typically, only the format is similar and other items, such as material, color, details, are created by the brand.

The national market brings many options of purses similar to those sold by major international brands.If you are looking for a Louis Vuitton inspired purse, you will probably find it in the most varied brands, from those with prices more in mind, even in more renowned and expensive brands.To help in your search, follow a gallery with some inspired bags available in national e-commerces:

As you can see, some inspired bag design items are similar to the reference bag and other items are original from the brand that makes it available, that is, they are not replicas that try to look the same as the originals, they are just LV-inspired models.

The incredible handbags of other luxury brands

It is not just Louis Vuitton that makes amazing purses that are desired all over the world.Many famous and consecrated brands also have their collections of purses that travel through the feminine imaginary.We selected some of the most sold and we show for you in the following list:

  1. Gucci:The brand is sweetheart among many bloggers, you’ve probably seen the Soho Disco bag in some look of the day.
  2. Prada:With a long tradition in the world of fashion and accessories, Prada handbags are desired by the most classic women, one of its most traditional models is the Top Handle, quite similar to the Soul of Louis Vuitton.
  3. Miu Miu:Prada’s young brand also brings incredible handbags and ideas to anyone who wants to pass modern looks.One of the brand’s most beloved models also calls Top Handle.
  4. Hermès:for those who like exclusivity, tradition and quality, the brand Hermès is undoubtedly the ideal.Their bags are priced above average and are only sold in the brand’s physical stores.The most famous model is Birkin.
  5. Chanel:You can not talk about amazing bags without quoting Chanel.Gabrielle Coco Chanel’s creations are successful to this day and are one of the most classic and timeless purses a woman can have.His most famous model is 2.55.
  6. Burberry:The brand besides making trench coat, is responsible for incredible collections of handbags.The chunky plaid pouches are the face of the brand.
  7. Fendi:Another brand responsible for making traditional purses and loved ones by thousands of women is Fendi.One of your most beloved purses is the 3Jours.
  8. Yves Saint Laurent:the YSL brand is one of the most desirable in the world, especially for its accessories, with the Envolope Chain Vallet bag being one of the best selling.
  9. Valentino:known for the delicacy of his collections, Valentino is also highly acclaimed for his bags.The most desired bag is Rockstud Double Handle.
  10. Chloe:Bags are considered the fort of Chloé that always presents beautiful collections and full of incredible models.Chloe Marcie is one of the most famous and best-selling handbags in the world.
  11. Givenchy:one of the most beloved brands by celebrities, also makes handbags that are desire among women around the world.His most famous model is Antigonus.
  12. Lanvin:Known for being a minimalist and contemporary brand, Lanvin features handbags that match women who like this style.Sugar is the name of the brand’s most popular model.
  13. Dolce & Gabanna:The brand loves to print sensuality in their collections and on the bags could not be different.With several options of leopard bag, the most popular model is Sicily.
  14. Proenza Schouler:the bag is one of the best selling items of the brand and the PS1 model is beloved among celebrities and bloggers worldwide.
  15. Balenciaga:another brand that besides transforming its collections into world desire, makes incredible bags, is the Balenciaga.The Classic City model is present in the wardrobe of many women.

It is worth remembering that when it comes to a purse, brand is not everything.There are many other factors that you should look into when buying this type and part.Holding on to brands does not guarantee quality, so it’s not worth having prejudice against cheaper or lesser-known brands.What is worth is to try, to know and to analyze if the quality to the good and if the design enchants you and works well for your needs.