Louis Erard – tip with tradition

In Germany the brand Louis Erard is still an insider tip among watch fans. This status may not be due to collection and positioning. Because the company from the Swiss Le Noirmont is exclusively mechanical watches for men and women, the design of which is classic, modern and pleasantly reduced in their now five lines. With prices at almost 500 euros, beginning and ending at about 3000 euro – only with Rosé gold enclosures and stone trim cost prestige models even up to 9000 euro.
This is today greater awareness of Louis Erard, is located mainly on the history of the brand. Because in 38 of almost 80 years of its existence, Louis Erard dealt primarily with the clock Assembly for third parties. The company benefits from the know-how acquired during these years until today.

Louis Erard excellence moon phase chronograph

, The year 2003 marks the restart of the company. Supported by a group of private investors to Alain Spinedi focus was put back on the production of clocks in the upper middle class under the name Louis Erard. This maxim is the company remained true to this day and is also in the boom years to 2007 and since 2010 succumbed to the temptation, priced upwards to Orient. This speaks for the long-term nature of the project and is also possible because the company companies operates independently and is not listed. The success proves the small company with 26 employees right: in the first eight years after the restart more than 100,000 manufactured watches in the workshops of the House. A specially developed exclusive regulator module, Louis Erard 2008 has entered the world of complications. Moreover, Louis Erard has given a modern twist with this development of one of the most classic watch complications.

Louis Erard excellence chronograph

In 2011 emotion, Héritage, sportive and 1931 joined – suitable for the 80th birthday of the brand – the lines the new line of excellence. Round case, clear white dials with indexes and Roman numerals are the neo-classical design of this collection. With a diameter of 36 mm for the female and 40 and 42 millimeters for the Mr models the line shows remarkably resistant to the growth of in recent years. The excellence with moon phase and Chronograph, which is powered by the caliber Valjoux 7751 belongs to the collection highlights in the men’s. With a price of 2419 euro, it belongs to the best Swiss made models with this combination of complications.

For women, the chronograph driven by the automatic ETA 2094 is a highlight. The sporty ambience of the timepiece joined here elegant details like a mother of Pearl Dial and a bezel decorated by 70 diamond. She also offers an attractive value for money with 4219 euro.