Look at Asus’ Presentation

The taiwainesiske electronics manufacturer Asus has supposedly a smartwatch in sleeve.

Gadget-world pipe major on it these days, and will be filled with several electronic marvels.

Asus is one of one of the first on the agenda, and will today introduce the world to its invention. With Scripture “Hour has been transformed and we have changed” puts a strong focus on the latest Asus great interest in smartwatches, and how the wrist attendant no longer only tells the time.

Asus has managed to create ripples in the water, since they will complement Android Wear-world with a budget friendly smartwatch. CEO Jerry Shen has confidently stated that agency will carry a “relatively low price tag”, while having a nicer design than its competitors.

The clock according to the rumor mill can be used by itself, or in interaction with the phone.

In addition to the below trailer for patience, you can follow along with the Live presentation through this link.