Long Skirts: How to Wear, Trends, Models

Every woman looks beautiful and more feminine when she’s in skirt, and the long skirts this year promise to make them successful and make them even more beautiful. It’s the beginning of the year and it’s already possible to notice the shops with this trend that besides being beautiful is super comfortable, so see how to use them, what are the looks and models and stay inside of this fashion. Check it!

The generally long,  printed, smooth, striped skirts of the most diverse fabrics are always very elegant and also stylish. Mounting a look with them for a walk during the day or at night is often a good choice, the result of the look is usually that of a sweet and well-dressed woman. The way they should be used is very simple, it depends on the blouse, jacket or blazer that will be part of the look, and of course, the shoes as well. Stay tuned for some tips on how to wear them and what are the types of blouses and shoes that fall super well with long skirts.

Go Well With What?

Blouses: blouses that are agarradinhas as regattas and baby looks look good with skirts that are wider and soltinhas, they go right ‘balance’ the look. But who thinks only clawed blouses look good cheats, the soltinhas can also be used with style, for example, if the soltinha blouse is used with a long high waist skirt, it can be placed inside the skirt and be ‘completed’ with a necklace. Another way is to add a thin belt over the loose blouse, the look gets less ‘dropped’ and still defines the silhouette.

Shoes: the rasteirinhas, low sandals, slippers, espartilles are good options for those who do not give up high heels, platform heels are the best choices.

Coats: blazers and jackets should not be too long, even the waist is ideal.

How to use: If the skirt is printed use a smooth blouse, which has the color of one of the skirt prints. If the shirt is printed, give preference to the skirts of more neutral colors such as nude and brown. For those who want to give the impression of slimmer hip a dark tone skirt with a clear blouse helps.

Trend And Models:

The long skirts of light and patterned fabrics are the big trend. Floral prints during the summer are already fashionable; you only have to be careful with the size of the prints, if too large they can get fat. As for the colors: orange, blue, green, red, pink, nude, purple and more will be a success.