Living More for Less Rj

So, finishing the series of posts about my visit to Morar Mais por Menos Rio (see The Hi-Lo concept in Morar More RJ and Small Apartments in Morar More RJ ) I will now show you some of the beautiful environments for babies and children-all delicate and Full of interesting details – and some bathrooms of the Mostra-those of the environments are difficult to photograph-given the size, similar to that of a REAL apartment, you know?-but I tried! (LOL!).

Ambiences: 1) Bebe Room-Marcia Matinez and Andrea Fricks-Sofa with concrete bricks that also keep shoes 2) Girl’s Bedroom-Mayumi Yamagata-The vinyl paper on the wall is beautiful and delicate. The whole environment is beautiful and delicate, like a care. 3) Baby’s room-João Gilberto Braga, Sergio Fontes and Atelier Bertha Callaú-The furniture adapts to the growth of children; Water-based epoxy paint applied to the painting of the joinery;LED tapes in optimal lighting; Coatings and carpet with non-synthetic materials. A very well thought out room in its details! Loved it!

Ambiences: 1)  Quarto Dois Irmãos – Andrea Figari and Priscila Bastos – Full of legal ideas and great use of space 2) Q uarto of the Little Explorer – Andrea Graca and Maria Clara Costanza-Beautiful and cozy!…I would like a room of these for me ! 3) Detail in theBedroom Two Brothers

Men’s Casino Bathroom – Nadia Lisbon, Simone Craveiro and Suzye Senseve- On the men’s bench, a coin suggesting coins falling through the sink drain; Wall Art Wallpaper from Public Bathroom Feminine – Vivi Nascimento -Use wall cloth which is a fabric made with PET bottles and LED lighting, recyclable luminaires from Monica Cohen

1 and 2) Feminine Retro Bathroom – Nadia Lisboa, Simone Craveiro and Suzye Senseve   – Bacana the reuse of the existing bench, with application of glass tablets and the bold wallpaper of Art on the Wall and  3) Public Bathroom Male – Vivi Nascimento ( Also with use of wall cloth which is a fabric made with PET bottles and LED lighting)

Here are some of the bathrooms of the environments I showed in the previous post: Small, integrated spaces, beautiful and with great solutions – Do not forget to see the bathrooms of these apartments when they visit Morar Mais por Menos Rj. Although you have made 3 posts and put many photos, do not forget that there are 81 environments! Soon, you did not see anything! Go and see: It’s until 10/11 on the Lagoa! V eja more information here.