Lightweight Clothing for Hot Weather

At last summer and also in my wardrobe the warm things have slipped in the last corner.

Skirts, light trousers, shirts, tunics and tops are at hand and by everyday and leisure wear, just the light summer fashion. For me there are no limits. The colors and cuts vary from colorful and monochrome to close, casual and elegant. This time I ventured a look in the closet of a friend and we compared our clothing to find out what we can combine this summer best.

Lightweight Clothing for Hot Weather
On the days that my girlfriend spends in the office, it contributes very much loose clothing to feel comfortable, because tight clothes in sedentary work in the long run very uncomfortable.Depending on the occasion we engage both in the closet and pull us the best pieces out. We pay very close attention to what program determine our day is. In our professions it is never boring! We work with young people and children, so there are days when we spend time in the office, on other days we are active in the classroom or in the day-care center and rooms or go on excursions or celebrations.

For small events and celebrations, because we agree that come nobler clothing in This should not be too hip and freaky, but rather set, comfortable, classic yet modern.

Especially in summer, this combination is not easy to make, because the loved one we would all dress very airy want plus a look elegant.
To fit loosely, yet refined modern dress style we use love to pieces of Eve in Paradise. The label that the products with much love and care produces, coming from Hannover. In arise 2 collections with about 140 models of high quality and made extraordinary natural materials are, for example, the textile fiber hemp.

This summer, determine new color combinations, knitting patterns and new forms of pants, the trend. Locker, light, airy and classy. Just the thing for hot days on which we must act nobly dressed or should.
For this purpose, we introduce you one of our favorite combinations before closer.

Marilyn Shirt
The shirt comes in a mottled appearance of linen knit and is from the Spring-Summer Collection 2016. It consists of linen knit and is therefore very comfortable to wear in warm weather. Half the arm length, the ribbing and the loose fit seem classic and refined. The crew neck is not too much cleavage rate, suitable for a serious appearance.
Price € 119.90

Lana Pants
Straight-leg pants are made from 100% linen.
It is wonderfully light and has an elastic waistband. It is very comfortable and perfect by the cut for the summer. The color leaves some combinations. Whether a single color or colorful shirt, here the outfits limits are almost inexhaustible.
Preis109,90 €

Evelyn Shirt
I wear to Lana pants very like a shirt. Best with longer sleeves since the underlining the seriousness. A slight mix of linen-silk-cotton ramie and down neck can be convenient and easy wear. Highly suitable is the combination especially for outdoor activities!
Price € 109.90.

Icy Pants
The Icy pants linen viscose has a wonderfully loose and straight cut. By bags pants seems cool and equally noble. Combined with a chic white blouse, it is one of an elegant business look, the lure in the office and can be worn at a dinner on warm summer nights at the same time.
Price 139,90 Euro.

All featured models we can of course be combined according to your mood.

I am most grateful to my Model Eske for grandiose cooperation!

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What you wear on warm days?