Lights on Road Bike

Holland is a dream country for every biker – a country known for its love of cycling, perfect cycling infrastructure at all – one of the most peaceful places in the world for cycling. Country of tulips does not lie on their laurels and constantly organizes campaigns that increase road safety.

The last such campaign impressed us very much and hurry to share it with you. The campaign is titled “I want to see you” and is shaped something like a flash mob. See Ebicyclelights for bike wheel lights.

The so-called “krashmob” includes dancing policemen and break dancers, but the basic idea is through the performance of unsuspecting cyclists to show the potential dangers if you ride without light in the nighttime.

The campaign is aimed at children between 13 and 15 years of age, but will have no effect and for larger, since studies in the Netherlands have shown that very little of cyclists under 25 use their lights after dark.

If this applies to the Netherlands, it fully applies to Bulgaria. So we ask you, watch the video and think about whether the risk driving without lights worth it!