Lifestyle Sunday #106

He’s already there, the last Sunday in June. So it is now almost official, the first half of 2016 is rum. Was not so bad, right? Maybe in the second half you will also see something of the summer. Today, there are definitely stylish accessories and clothing, chic sneakers and a lot more. As always presented in a post, the Lifestyle Sunday!

On all questions around the theme of fashion I have then but no answer. Well, there are the guys and girls of DefShop, who have dealt with the current trend colors of spring and summer. In addition to the question, which colors are a must this season and how to combine these skillfully, there are all sorts of examples and possibilities the respective look to Shoppen. So if you are looking for a little inspiration, you should skip the DefShop blog. Five must-haves for the summer can be seen there as well.

Do you remember my Zalon by Zalando? If you want to gain experience yourself, then you have the chance to do so in Berlin from 30 June to 3 July. There, you can enjoy the style advice from Zalon for free at an exclusive event. There are also snacks and drinks in a cozy atmosphere.

The stylists at Mode Zalon will guide you through the questions of the Zalon by Zalando advice, your personal Zalandobox will be delivered directly to your home by mail. You can find more information on this website.

Aline, Angelo and Timo are wijld! Rightly read, wijld-original favorite pieces from sustainable and recyclable materials as alternatives to mass shitting is the motto of the three. The newest clou, a T-shirt made of wood, will be available via Kickstarter from 05.07.2016. It may be a little difficult to imagine, but wood is supple, soft, extremely durable and has other unique properties, compared to other fabrics.

Comparing the WoodShirt by wijld with a normal cotton or polyester T-shirt, it is noticeable that it is an extremely environmentally friendly material, which also grows in our latitudes. With the kickstarter project, the label presents a shirt in which not only style and sustainability go hand in hand, but also create your own personal t-shirt. So definitely visit!

This chic boat comes from the current collection of the autumn/winter season 2016 of the British chairlift Clarks. The company combines the company’s 190 years of know-how with the vision of designers and technological experts. Looking at the current models, you may realize that these were influenced by four elements.

The wild coastal and landscape forms of England as well as the international catwalks and streetstyles of the world have exerted their influence. In addition to casual chukka boots, classically elegant lace-up boots and winter-proof boots with function and style, one can also look forward to exciting material mixes, soft and tumble-piled leather and warm, autumnal tones according to TOPB2BWEBSITES. Eye-catchers are ornamental seams and colors as well as details such as hand stitches, brogue and gimping.

Together with three other bloggers I have for the Men’s Health a few words about summer dips and what it takes for their selection.My opinion on this topic as well as further information about summer dips in general you can read here.

When it comes to the Navalus multifunction of Swiss Military Hanowa, there is no problem because of the issue of equality. This is where both parties get their money’s worth. The watch in four different styles is based on practical functions, a sleek, simple design and a robust construction. Protected by sapphire glass, the clear dial with applied Arabic numerals not only displays the time, but also the day of the week, the date as well as twenty-four hours.

The right bag and suitcase are of great importance for a pleasant journey. They should not only be able to bring their content from A to B safely, but also to endure a lot of things, while at the same time providing a chic look. The new Paradiver Light collection by Samsonite writes all this on the flag. Thus the collection has travel bags with or without wheels as well as backpacks and shoulder bags which are stable and super-light.

In addition, they offer many practical compartments, which leads to optimum comfort during transport and carrying. The hard-wearing tarpaulins and sealed caps protect the contents reliably in all weather conditions. Schick looks the whole also still. So, the next trip can come, right?

Cheerz has recognized that the time in which to collect the most, beautiful memories is the summer. Therefore, it is not surprising that you collect all sorts of photos of festivals, beach holidays, excursions to the lake or barbecue with friends. Photos of these unique moments are worth to be brought back from the display to the real world. Especially for the upcoming summer, Cheerz has reissued his Cheerz box and his magnets and gave them a fresh summer look. Can you take into consideration, right?

Henry London I had presented here in the blog already. The watch label is fascinated by the change of the seasons and the associated change in nature. Thus the late summer transforms the landscape into a changling color play, which is also found in their timepieces.Warm brown, dark green and shimmering violet invite you to immerse yourself in the wonderful atmosphere of the autumn.Fancy, right?

Now the summer can come, the current summer collection by Stance is out there, with a collaboration with Big Sean. The Punk and Poet Family member, Big Sean, designed two cool socks for the current collection. Even Big Sean says the following about Stance:

“Stance socks are the best socks I’ve ever worn, so I was excited to have the chance to collaborate with them and be a part of the” Punk and Poet “family. Stance makes wearing socks an experience rather than a routine.”

Pasta can also be done differently. And with noodles from the sea, green and extremely healthy. The talk is of pasta made of 100% seaweed, which gives ordinary recipes such as Tagliatelle Bolognese or Vongole a whole new whistle. In addition to the extraordinary color, the green seaweed brings further advantages, so it is not only vegan and low in calories, but also rich in vitamins, fiber and minerals, thus not only a culinary but also healthy change to the traditional noodle.

The special thing about I Sea Pasta is the fact that it can be used both as a pasta substitute or as a full vegetable dish. It can also be combined perfectly with fish, meat, rice, couscous, other vegetables or other pasta and is also perfect for adding salads, curry dishes or as a highlight in desserts. Can one try times.

Limited to 125 models, the Golden Wheel by Arnold&Soncombines for the first time the complication of the “wandering” hours with the complication of the leaping second. The clock is integrated within the instrument collection of the watch label.

The development process of the new model Golden Wheel lasted three years from concept to development. He presented the watchmakers with great challenges in many stages of design and development. However, the result can be seen, right?

The six Alliance Chronograph of Victorinox Swiss Army convince by its performance. A total of six models are available in the new collection, which is based on a balanced work-life balance, which is characterized by reliability that meets discreet elegance. The previously integrated Alliance Chronograph is my personal favorite.

Bugatti presented new looks for this week. And this is not meant for shirts or polos, but cloth hats, which according to Bugatti now have a high coolness factor. For example, the Panama straw hats have a fade-out effect, which makes them look both casual and elegant at the same time. They compete for the first place on the hit list of trend accessories with light trilbies made of straw.

Caps in various shapes are also not to be missed in summer. The summer color world ranges from nature and beige to light gray and anthracite to blue in many nuances. Men can also look forward to the new caps with Flexcity equipment-this brings a noticeable plus in comfort. Now the question to you: Hutträger, or not?

(C) new building eyewear/Philipp Lipiarski

New eyewear celebrated last week not only the launch of the Viennese company location, but also the first twelve models. These are available in six colors each and form the beginning of an extensive design portfolio. With the first new build eyewear sunglass collection, however, we still have to wait until October 2016.

The young spectacle brand is a thoroughly Austrian project. From the idea through the conception to the completion, new eyewear remains a product Made in Austria. This makes it the nerve of the times and stands for a rethink, back to sustainability and ecology.For further information and a look at the current collection, please visit their website.

No matter if you are only spending the weekend in Berlin, have planned a long trip to Africa, or have visited your aunt in the neighboring town, the Eastpak Travel line is sure to get your travel luggage safely from A to B. Because the line offers its own model in different Sizes and designs so that the right luggage can be found for any travel needs.

Particularly exciting are the two innovative lines Tranverz, with expandable space for the holiday shopping trips, and Tranzshell with a resistant hybrid material that combines the advantages of hard and soft shells.

The herring and a watch are the only true jewels for a man, it is often said. This is not necessarily a watch, as Tissot shows us with the new Bridgeport Lepine Mechanical pocket watch. Definitely times a slightly different accessory, which fits both business suit and jeans. In the 45-millimeter-sized stainless steel case, a Swiss hand-held hoist works with a 46-hour power reserve. The housing surface as well as the crown, which is typical for a Lépine watch at 12 o’clock, are optionally provided with a rose gold or gray PVD coating. Looks good, does not it?