Leggings Wearing Tips

On days when the net leggings are an integral ladies of easy virtue are in the distant past.Today, this modern and very elegant accessory in the wardrobe of many women. Moreover, leggings in a network from one year to top the list of the most pressing of clothing and are considered trend. However, not all of the fairer sex have no idea how and what to wear to not look vulgar and provocative in their daily lives.

Let’s start with the fact that nowadays many of the taboo on these socks are removed so they can be worn in the office, even if it is, of course, does not contradict the dress code. However, with business clothing at -good matching leggings in fine net neutral colors – gray and flesh. Black leggings eye as best reserved for special occasions as they can be a great addition to an evening dress or club dress.

However, today there are several rules that govern the use of leggings in a grid. First, this applies to all types of skirts and dresses, the maximum length of which is to the knee.This color fishnet stockings must be combined with at least one subject of toilets, unless they are wearing flesh-colored model. If we talk about breeches and shorts with leggings in a grid that looks pretty impressive and unusual, then the length of the dress can be arbitrary. However, the principles of “shorter the better,” and in this case, does not lose its relevance.

By itself, the network means that leggings must be worn during the warmer months. But in any case, do not combine them with air dresses and summer sundresses, a sign of poor taste. But denim, leather and suede skirts or dresses in this case with fishnet leggings will look quite attractive. In addition, there is no need to abandon a combination of these leggings with tunics and shirt.

In these leggings is an opportunity that will certainly be considered when going for purchase as a fashion accessory. The larger the network, the more attention is drawn to the pantyhose legs of their owner. On the other hand, fine mesh is almost invisible, and you can hide enough attractive form in the calves or thighs. In addition, the market today can be found fishnet leggings with disruption-decorative seam, which is located at the rear.These models look very impressive, but they have one major drawback, which is that while walking stitching constantly slide on its side. Therefore, it is not necessary to combine these leggings with business clothes, or at the wrong time, they will contribute to the appearance of disorder and negligence element.

Despite the fact that the history of stockings in a grid has almost half a century, among the designers still did not stop arguing about what shoes they should be combined. And if the boots that are perfectly combined with this accessory any doubt arises then the choice of footwear consensus does not exist. If earlier it was believed that an essential attribute of the closet in case of fishnet stockings should be on high heels, but today modern versions of the platform to meet their combination with ballet flats, pumps, loafers and even tennis shoes .However, it remains unchanged is the requirement of many shoes that need to be closed.Because of sandals or flip-flops in connection with leggings in the network, you can forget.The only freedom that is allowed in this case is to use shoes with open heel. And that’s just when it comes to evening dresses.