LED Lights on the Front with One Lower Cost

In full winter season the day darkens early and a good lighting system front, besides being a good way to identify yourself distracted drivers, allows you to glimpse the various grounds where make the bike.

Now it is evident that the best lighting systems manage to climb really high costs; But even so articles with large pretensions, great technological details and good design can be obtained at a more accessible price range.

So now, we want to make some suggestions about LED lighting systems which can be found below the 60 euros where its main features is a long battery life, a decent run time and high levels of luminosity with utility, mainly for urban cycling.

Moon Meteor lighting system

First you presented Moon Meteorfront lighting system; a LED light which can achieve a cost of 44,86 euros; This lighting system has 65.7gr weight and measures 70 mm x 45 mm x 25 mm, front LED light that has the exact measurements to not to interfere with the time riding at the front of your bike; in terms of power, can provide up to 1 hour 45 minutes on maximum power (can reach up to 200 lumens); system support and installation is easy to use and priced well below models of high-end Moon LED Meteor light is a great option to consider.

Luz LED front Knog Blinder 1

Knog Australia presents us its simple lighting system LED Blinder 1light. The Knog Blinder 1 is the version of a single LED Blinder 4model; the Blinder 1, with a weight of just 15 gr and a fairly simple design in reduced dimensions, is a lighting system that offers great visibility (with its power of 20 lumens) for the urban environment and has a nice design that can be adapted to any style of handlebar (available in black, red, white and blue options); Finally its cost justifies an article with these features, only 27,49 euros.

Great Lighthouse lighting Moon Comet

In Moon, by offering a wide range of lighting systems, the model is also Comet; the model Comet ultimately is not the most impressive LED light of the brand, but with 100 lumens of power of insurance you out of any trouble. The cost of the Comet’s Moon lighting system can reach 33,89 euro with features as some resistance to water, recharge through USB cable and a mounting system for easy use handlebars.

CatEye and front lighting Rapid 3 system

CatEye could not miss the recommendations of lighting in versions accessible system, in this case is you can find the Rapid 3model; mainly offered in the package’s front and rear light, this LED light just and reaches the 31,95 EUR price (still in package). This lighting system offers great power through the use of a SMD-LED light located at the Center and 2 LED lights from 5 mm to the sides; all powered by 2 AA batteries. In this lighting system is made use of technologies such as the Opti, in where lenses and reflectors that optimize the light output is suit.

Electron Micro 1W another great option

Finally from the United Kingdom, Electron produces some system of outstanding lighting as the Micro 1W model with a maximum cost 30,99 EUR (although some deals online can be found even in 14,49 EUR); as indicated by the name of this lighting system, is a 1W power LED light, just enough power to give you notice in urban streets.

These are just some suggestions to consider if you plan on purchasing a front lighting with an affordable cost system; for deals on lighting system we invite you to consult the publications of stores and individuals in MerKaBici.

Images of moon-sport.com, cateye.com, knog.com.au and chainreactioncycles.com/nukeproof