LED Lights for Bicycles

We have news: no longer to wait until the weekend to continue enjoying cycling. Bike lights illuminate the night, our journey and allow us to enjoy any day of the week.

Lights for bike systems, have had an incredible evolution in recent years; first lights which were with bridgat filament bulb flashlights, we passed halogen lights already contributing a good lighting but with a high consumption of batteries. The entrance of the leds, has been a novelty, because they have not done more to evolve and increase the power of the same, currently offering a surprising performance that allows us to make medium-distance routes and almost turn night into day.

What do you must take into account when buying lights for led bike?

–       Glitter must look at the intensity of the light. How much more intense best us light.

–       Amplitude of the light beam, depends on the design of the unit, a wide beam, will allow us to have better lighting in areas with curves.

–       Depth far reaches our light, how much more you get away will allow us to roll with more security.

–       Assembly, the ease of Assembly of lights for bicycle is important, usually are insured with a thick rubber band to the handle that prevents falling or moving, it is important to offer us the possibility to mount them on the helmet

–       Battery ion lithium, essential for these lights leds, depending on the intensity of the light and the capacity of the battery will give us greater or lesser duration. Least three hours of lighting you must offer us to leave with guarantees. We must also look the system to attach the battery to the bike, this is normally with Velcro, we should check that it is easy to adapt to our bike.

Bicycle LED Lights

We can use one, or two units for bike lights, clarifying that if we use two light units, we can play with the position to have short and long light effect. Likewise will be safe in the event of failure of one of the lights or batteries.

The current led bike lights from http://www.bridgat.com/shop/bicycle-lights/, have generated a vast amount of vocabulary terms technician which we know and understand what we are going to buy and thus to ascertain with the chosen light, let’s try to clarify expressions most used:

LED.: Light emitting diode

Lux: measured Lumen meter by square

Lumen: Measure of the amount of theoretical light and practice

Colour Temp: The colour temperature of led light, much more blue and white to more cold, how much more yellow hot.

Cell: Internal battery (usually 2 or 4 in these lights) units to more cells improved duration and recovery performance

Li-on: Lithium-ion battery, light and effective

Life indicator: battery charge indicator

Create: Manufacturer leader in the market of led lights

Jack: Jack focus battery

Spot: Light bulb

Reach distance which illuminates the focus

Flood: breadth of focus lighting

Other points that we must bear in mind when it comes to bicycle lights, are:

-Maintained lighting: one of the main points in favour of the led lights is that the light intensity remains almost unchanged while batteries are in a position, it is important to know that the batteries to average consumption last.

-Indicator: the latest lamps they carry in the back by a change in color of the light and saves in areas without danger if we are short of battery.

-Switch and number of modes: it is important that the switch is easily activated with gloves, it is important to have at least two modes of intensity and a blinking when we spread between the urban traffic.

-Light unit design: one of the most important is the light unit ventilation capacity, depending on the number of slots and other refrigerara better and consume less.

-Cable tie battery light: is important to have the appropriate length, that is resistant to water. It is important to place the cord it less exposed to branches and other potential snags.

This post speaks only lights to practice sports in the night. If you are going to travel around the city, you can use other bike lights at ebicyclelights.com, lowest and that can be very helpful when it comes to walk the streets of your city.