LED Lamps are Ideal for Companies

Cheaper, LED lamps are ideal for companies

LED Lamps are Ideal for Companies

LED light bulbs are trend, especially in environments that require lighting 12:00 am a day they may even be more expensive at the time of purchase, but the extra value ends up being compensated by high performance combined with low spent with electricity.

Although they seem more expensive at the time of purchase, the LED light bulbs are trend in environments where lighting is essential in any time of the day, such as company, shops and industries. To reduce energy consumption even with the lights on throughout the day, the best option is to use this type of lamp, which have high income and low electricity consumption.

According to Isac Roizenblatt, technical director of the Brazilian Association of the industry and Enlightenment (Abilux), the use of LEDs will consolidate in Brazil, mainly with the increase of industries that manufacture this type of lamp in the country. According to the Executive, it is possible to observe a price reduction inversely proportional to an improvement of the energy efficiency and also to a higher quality in the reproduction of natural colors.

This technology makes the lamps more durable, besides reducing electricity consumption by up to 80%-while the traditional last about 1000 hours, the render of 20000 to 50000 LED hours. So, they’re gaining space in environments in which there needs to be a good light and power light effect on the display of products.

“Street shops present greater difficulty in formatting a project because demand special care,” says Alexander Giovannetti, Sylvania technical consultant, traditional brand of lighting segment. According to the representative, the CREE LED type provides better performance and quality assurance.

Recently, scientists at Wake Forest University (USA) developed a more powerful yet cost-effective lamp to the LEDs: are the calls FIPEL, which do not use mercury or other caustic chemicals in your manufacturing. According to the study released by the institution, among the advantages are greater malleability of the object, with a less artificial lighting and without the risk of breaking or melting.

With three layers of a polymer Electroluminescent inductor, the FIPEL has a large volume of nanoparticles that heat up when they come in contact with electrical current. As the marketing of these lamps has not yet begun, the LEDs are still the most affordable and ecologically responsible option for traders.