Led Flashlight Shock Powerful 990,000w Taser Better Than X900

The above picture is illustrative, the flashlight flashes in
Only one side at a time, or on the side that touches the first aggressor

Watch the video to see how the product works

(Available only by accessing the computer)

The Lanterna has 2 independent terminals for the shock

Flashlight of led that has system of shock, ideal for self defense, camping, security fisheries, camps, tracks etc.

No use of focus adjustment, because it has a concentrated focus, while it is an open focus around, as shown in the picture above that is real of it.

ATTENTION:Product highly dangerous, misuse of this will be the responsibility of the buyer.


– Refillable

– Power: 990,000W/300,000Kv

– Lighting – Protection – Self-Defense

– High brightness and long range flashlight

Easy transportation

– Battery Autonomy:10 to 12 hours (lighting mode)

– Ideal for lookouts, night guards, security, camping, fishing, trihar and etc …

– Not recommended for children under 18 years of age.

– Size:17×4 cm

– Weight:225g

How to use

To use the flashlight, slide the switch to position 3

1 – To use the shock, place the button on the bottom of the flashlight to the ON position
2 – On the flashing button, keep in position 1
3 – Finally, press the small round button on the opposite side to turn on the flashlight
Note:Position 2 does not work flashlight, it is a second lock to not operate the shock

Time to charge the flashlight:8hs
Shooting After Charged:Average 30 Shown Up To 5 Seconds (Recommended Maximum)

Tip:Watch the video to see the product running

Items Included

01 Flashlight Shock 990,000w
01 Power cord for recharging the product
01 Original Box
01 Pulse Cord


01 Holster to carry the lantern in the belt