Leather and Denim Leggings

Incidentally, leggings perfectly with black or white tunikami, or you can choose the color that will be combined in ottenku one of lipids oblegayushtih pants. This style is considered to be quite aggressive and sexy in it are able only brave girls.Remember that this option requires a high spikes or maximum platform.

Pastel Colors

This season is very popular and soft muted colors such as turquoise, beige, coral, mint or lavender. For example, beige leggings which are usually made of lightweight summer fabric, can be worn with or peachtree myatnoy lightweight jacket.

Directions can be dovershity come with large ornaments, bracelets or necklace, and if the evening is cool, then this style perfectly combined with simple dark or light, but odnotonnыm, pidzhakom or vest.

Bright And Juicy Motives

A variety of colorful leggings is simply astounding on Smber, what to wear? After all, they may have one, but is much lighter shade looks great with bright ethnic patterns, geometric and floral patterns are especially popular pants style “space.”

Such features may be combined with long leggings monochrome and with a long shirt, which slightly cover with the thighs. Great addition can always become a leather jacket in different colors and shades profitable option-black color.
Excellent combination of colors, is, for example, purple leggings and emerald tunic, the same shoes or ballet flats. Complement the ensemble is possible by using long necklace neck, a small handbag in tone leggings and beige jacket or pidzhakom.

Incidentally, there is a blunder when on top of color, and generally all legginsov to wear tights. This trend started in the world of sport, where athletes-sexy beauties in practice such an option. It is worth knowing that this is done solely for sporting purposes, thereby better to heat the calves rather than by aesthetic porыvov.

What Do You Wear Leather Leggings?

This stylish and spectacular style obey only the strongest and most confident especially who are absolutely convinced of the quality of their figure.

leggings effect on skin, perfectly combined with short black pidzhakom tuflyami and high heels. Another good combination-leather leggings and a long shirt that is made in the rock style suitable studs and metal pads. However not overdo the accessories, otherwise you might look funny, but your appearance will become very absurd situation.

Denim Leggings-What Is It And How To Wear Them?

Outwardly such models like the jeans that can be decorated with pockets and lines, however, in fact, it’s usually tight pants. Most often, there are denim decoration and fittings are only painted, but it happens and in fact ours. Wearing such a hybrid fashion industry?

Denim leggings perfectly as short maykami and with longer tunikami in osobennom trend this season-a combination of denim varinatov wide long sweaters that can still be tied poyaskom. As for shoes, denim leggings have many inhibitions, they look great in high boots and shoes on high high heels or platform.