Learn Yoga: But How?

Although there are many different styles of yoga with different focuses, asanas(physical exercises), pranayama(breathing techniques) and relaxation exercises play a role. Whether as sun, cobra or tree-the asanas are kept for a certain time, for example several breaths long, or as a dynamic series of movements synchronized with the breathing rhythm.
Yogastags end with a final meditation, in which one goes on a mental journey through the body, directs attention to images or thoughts, repeats a sequence of movements or concentrates entirely on the breath.

Yoga-what do I have to look out for?

  • Be sure to start with a teacher, so you do not become overstrained. Important: He should have completed a long-term education, and you should be comfortable with him. The Berufsverband der Yogalehrenden in Germany publishes the addresses of well-trained teachers.
  • Just do not force anything: if an exercise(asana) hurts or you feel dizzy, stop it. You should not exercise when you feel sick.
  • Attention during the period: Women should check whether they can tolerate the exercises well at this time. In doubt, ask the teacher.
  • Comfortable clothes, socks instead of shoes and a soft pad(often asked)-more is not necessary for yoga.
  • In general: two hours before the exercise, you should not eat anything.

What yoga can do if you do it regularly