Le Corset Minceur in All Its Forms

1 / Corset?Corset Slimming?What’s this?

We will deal here with a subject that has been a little controversial in recent months is the famous ” slimming corset ” or more commonly called the “waist training” or waist size.

First of all what is it exactly? The slimming corset (we’ll talk about those made in good factories and not those coming from China but we’ll talk about it later) is a slimming sheath made of 100% latex and that will come to shake your waist.
This waist corset will have as a goal to come you compress the size and so mechanically you refine it, actually the woman but also the man tends to accumulate fat but also a lot of water at this place of the body.

2 / Corset Medical?

Our slimming corsets can also be used as a medical element, actually many of our clients use it as a postpartum belt, surveyed by PROGRAMINGPLEASE. It is true that after a childbirth the women have back pain and wish to be maintained, or they simply want to hide their small curves. Our corsets are there for that.They will come to act as a postpartum belt , they will come to help you to hide your small defects under your clothes and in addition they will come to help you to refine the size.

3 / Corset to lose weight?Corset Slimming?

Yes our corsets are provided for this purpose, actually the latex manufacturing of our sheaths will come to compress you and naturally you will eat less.Its action located at the level of the size will allow you in the long term to refine it and to display perfect shapes.This is called thermosudation.

Our corsets will allow you to refine, of course it is not a miracle diet you will still have to adapt your diet with a diet, you will also have to do sports. Our corsets are ideal for the sport that are real corset fitness.

4 / Corset cheap?Warning!

We prefer to warn you against a lot of sites that sell Chinese products, without a real latex, without any guarantees, in fact these corsets have absolutely nothing to do with the ann chery corsets that we sell on our site.All good things have a price, these slimming corsets that you buy are made by machines, with products whose provenance is unknown and whose strength is a real disaster.The goal is that you can keep your product as long as possible.We have received feedback from customers who bought from sites that we will not mention, and they have declared allergies, or the product has held 2 weeks and we forget many others.

The products we sell are the best products on the market, they are known and recognized brands, they are handmade, they are made in Colombia (where there is the best quality of latex which is a REAL latex ), they are tested and without products that can cause allergies (except of course people allergic to latex), no additives, nothing else in our sheaths.

5 /What quality guarantee?

After testing and testing several hundred slimming corsets, we came to the conclusion that 99% of corsets made in China were of very poor quality.They promise you slimming corsets 100% latex and checking they do not even have 20% (the rest is cotton or polyester) so your product will have no drainage action.Then, and this is a very important part of it is the quality of the hooks used, we noticed that the hooks used by the Chinese companies were all of very bad quality and only after a few days of use the hooks broke .

We have come to the conclusion that only 2 brands dominate the market both by the quality of the latex used, the manufacture of slimming corsets but especially the robustness of the products and marks are Ann Chery and Ann Michell .It is for this reason that we decided at Gaine-Slim to use only these 2 brands and no others.

6 / The Corset diet:a well-known diet Overseas

Indeed, the corset regime is a diet still very little known in France but happens slowly, the first to have launched it is Kim Kardashian, everyone remembers the corset kim kardashian and taking a picture to put it on Instagram.Many other stars like Kylie Jenner, Nabilla, Stéphanie Clerbois, etc …

These slimming corsets used by these great stars worldwide have especially allowed them to lose waistlines in just a few weeks (these are not guaranteed and may vary depending on the situation).This regime makes a misfortune in the United States and South America and the 2 leading brands in the market that are Ann Chery and Ann Michell have sold to date millions of models.

7 /How to put your Waist Training or Slimming Corset?

Find in this video posted by a famous English blogger how to put your corset slimming, it is an English but at least you will have a visual of how to proceed.

We recommend you to put your slimming sheath between 4 and 8 hours per day but you will find all the information in the section ” advice of use of your waist training ” on our site.

8 /How to make a corset?

The design of our corsets is really very complex, each corset is handmade with a latex of superior quality to any corset.Indeed it is for this reason that we only sell corsets of the biggest brands like Ann Chery or Ann Michell that are brands that use latex made in Colombia.indeed we are not going to criticize what is done elsewhere but we all know that the products that come from China are of mediocre quality and especially they use a latex of very poor quality indeed many women who bought Chinese in shops competitors come to us explaining the problem.

So if you are looking for quality buy only these products and besides you can find them in our shop.

9 /The choice of Sheath-Slim

We will put you here the choice of Gaine-Slim for your future purchase, because it is to start the best-selling product but it is especially the best suited if you are looking for a product of quality and which combines the best active life and sport. Because actually your fitness sheath can also be used during your sports sessions and especially do not hesitate to go see our article on how to lose weight that will give you some tips and tricks