Law Requiring Bicycles in Public Places in Brasilia

The law has been in effect for five months now. They made the bicycle lanes but did not provide bike stands or supports to store the bicycle.

People who change their car on a bicycle face obstacles, including parking. In the federal capital, the law requires bicycle rentals. The law has been in effect for five months now.They made the bicycle lanes but did not provide bicycle stands or specific supports to store the bicycle. This is fundamental for those who are pedaling for work. A lot of people improvise, lock the bike on a pole. Go to work. When it comes back, the bike has been stolen.

Ciclovia has. There are 350 km in the entire Federal District. But size alone is not enough.Woe to those who decide to use the bicycle as a means of transportation.

Many cycle paths have no signaling indicating that the space is for the cyclist, not for the pedestrian. And it’s hard to find a long, continuous stretch.

“There are countless places where the bike path takes us nowhere,” says one man.

By the way, until you get to the places. But here comes the other problem.

“Where are you going to put it? You can not get on the bike, you do not have a paracycle to put on the bike, to arrest it. It is difficult for us to come from bicycle to work, from home to work,”comments Felipe Machado, an engineering assistant.

Friends improvise the bikes get stuck in the railing. And they’re watching from up there.

“Do I have to come by car, contribute to congestion, contribute to a lack of space and pollute the environment?” Says project manager Mahammed Vasconcelos.

Who decides to ride a bike also has problems. Bom Dia Brasil went to one of the busiest shopping malls in Brasilia. At the entrance, no bike rack. They indicated the garage to park along with the bikes, because there was no bike rack.

But a law requires that places like shopping malls, bank branches, subway stations and supermarkets have bicycles installed. It should have been valid for five months. But even where the law was passed, in the Legislative Chamber, they exist.

And When Night Falls, Worse Yet.

“If you leave the bike in the back or locked somewhere with lock, for sure, when you return you will have a surprise, a bad surprise,” says Cláudio Alves Ferreira, of the night pedal group at

One group says that where they live, 30 kilometers from Brasilia, they have never seen a bike rack.

“I think it’s disrespectful to us, it’s super unconfortable, it’s insecure, I think it’s our right and we have to have it,” says Lígia Gabriela Santos, secretary.

So they decided to ride for pleasure. Properly equipped, there they go, hoping one day they can do the routine bicycle activities.

The Legislative Chamber has announced that a bidding process has been initiated to install bicycle racks in the building.