Lasted Giovanna Antonelli Nail Polish

It is in doubt as to which glaze to use on your enameling the weekend? It’s an understandable question since with various glazes options on the market is difficult to choose one, but what about knowing the enamels Giovanna Antonelli and enamelling your nails with a different color?

With the market enamels on the rise, many brands have partnered with actresses and celebrities launching exclusive collections. Giovanna Antonelli is one of the stars that gave its name to several jars in partnership with Specialittà.

The brand Specialittà, founded in 2001 and specialized in enamels, with more than 15 collections and aims daring colors and glazes of toppings launching differentiated products in the market. In 2012 the brand has partnered with actress Giovanna Antonelli launching the line “Gio Antonelli”.

Lasted Giovanna Antonelli Nail Polish

Gio Emotions

The first collection of the line entitled “Gio Emotions“, with 9 colors inspired by emotions and female desires. The windows are square and elegant containing 10ml Product R$14.50 a unit. Despite the care with colors and with glasses, the collection has not made the expected success due to the high price. In 2013 the collection won 3 new colors. Check out the colors:

  1. Admiration – Pink burned and more closed with a slight touch of gray.
  2. Love – Pale pink with gray background.
  3. Affection – Yellow pastel.
  4. Trust – Electric Orange.
  5. Desire – Red cherry with effect glass flecks – little silver dots that give the impression of glass enamel.
  6. Charming – Green mint cake.
  7. Hope – Metallic Gold with olive background.
  8. Euphoria – Metallic Lead with holographic particles.
  9. Haste – Brown with green background.
  10. Intuition – Cold background blue and shimmering finish.
  11. Passion – Vibrant pink with a touch of red.
  12. Saudade – Red slightly pulled to the wine, with metallic touch and sparkling points to give more depth to the color.

Gio Sensation

In April 2014 Giovanna Antonelli launched her second collection in partnership with Specialittà the “Gio Sensations” which seeks to translate through the glazes the desires and feelings that every woman has with fashion nuances. The collection includes 20 diverse colors to suit all tastes and a suggested price of $4.15. Glasses are simple and rounded, like the other collections of Hits Specialittà glazes. Another distinguishing feature of this new collection is all glazes are 4 free, ie have no toluene, formaldehyde, DBP and camphor in their formulas are ideal for allergic.

The highlight of the collection was the enamel “Cold in the belly”, a semi matte royal blue that was used by Giovanna Antonelli for the novel “In Family” Globo, in which she played the Clara character. With exposure on national television enamel became a real fever and find a glass of blue feeling turned into a real saga. After the success of “Cold in the belly,” the actress replaced the blue of the character by the tone “Affliction,” which also was a big hit among consumers.

In September 2014 the Specialittà expanded the collection “Gio Sensations” flipping over 8 tones and two products for nail care: An empowering base and extra shine Check colors:

  • Affliction – Green pistachios in tone with golden shimmer.
  • Joy – Green with bluish reflections.
  • Relief – Purple with a touch of gray and bluish background.
  • Anxiety – Red blood creamy, with light orange touch.
  • Shiver – Aubergine dark with glittering particles.
  • Wellness – Metallic Nude with touch of gray brown.
  • Dry Mouth – Metallic Copper, reddish brown background.
  • Good Thing – Nude creamy caramel tone and yellow background.
  • Comfort – Blue oil with a turquoise touch.
  • Excitement – Yellow with a touch of red.
  • Shortness of Breath – Pink neon, with creamy finish and semi matte drying.
  • Happiness – Dark Pink, pulling the burgundy and shimmer.
  • Cold in the Belly – Blue royal semi matte finish.
  • Impulse – Shimmering Orange with more yellow than red.
  • Freedom – Light blue creamy with a touch of green.
  • Nostalgia – Greenish gray, verging on military green.
  • Palpitation – Red pink creamy.
  • Inner Peace – Black with golden shimmer.
  • Perna Bamba – Fluorescent orange with burnt tone.
  • Power – Metallic blue sky.
  • Delight – Rose pink vibrant with bluish background.
  • Protection – Green creamy water.
  • Purity – Translucent white, creamy and with good coverage.
  • Security – Purple with bluish background.
  • Temptation – Purplish background Magenta, cover jelly and silver microbrilhos.
  • Tenderness – Light pink coral background and neon footprint.
  • Shakes – Navy Blue with metallic particles shine.
  • Dizziness – Dark green with touch of blue and creamy topping.

With all these options you will surely find the right polish to your nails. If you can not choose between two such make an English girl – a colorful Frenchie, painting the nail with one color and the tip with another? Praise the right.