Lapponia is reminiscent of the creator of unique amber jewellery

Lapponia amber necklace 660177

Prior years has Lapponia designer Poul Havgaard (1936-2011) started to put amber in silver and to implement modern design. He created a number of trinkets that consist of expressive, Golden amber and Matt sterling silver and bear witness to an uncompromising language of forms of. The two of A child jewelry set about, consisting of a necklace and ear plugs, ice-cold, Matt silver combines with a golden yellow amber. The materials could not be more different, and yet they are destined for each other. Visually, the set impresses with its clear design, this amber in its full brilliance of colours.

, Poul Havgaard especially always then, when two of interesting shapes and materials collide with each other, he had managed stress. This Havgaards is always jewelry organic forms. The Lapponia-designer jewelry objects understood always as erotic messages: “jewelry can act on the opposite sex. Jewellery expresses desire.”