La Angostura, a Fishing Paradise

With the varied fishing becoming expected and the ban on the Cadillal, athletes have one alternative to enjoy a good day: La Angostura, that place is in the midst of a natural paradise and that for quite some time managed prestige level national. So it is worth reviewing some data further enjoy an excursion to that place that is just over 100 kilometers of our city:

– What you can fish there?
– From coast or embarked, you can catch mackerel, perch, trout and catfish. But the “silver arrows” are the great attraction of the place. – What techniques are used on this site? – That’s one of the charms of this place. For pejerreyes with bait rigs they are used. But the walleye and trout also can fish the spoons and flies. – What fishing equipment is recommended? – You can use several. It is recommended to use the so- called “gizmo”, a rocker with buoy anchored to 10 centimeters of mud; the system known as buoy working; traditional paternoster and gizmos. Never discard fishing touch with outriggers or paternoster. – How deep should look for parts? – Because of the cold, it is best to try your luck at more than four meters. If fishing atsea or in deep places, you should think accommodate teams from 10 meters. FAMA. Silversides caught in this website are national prestige. (Courtesy go fishing) – What are the classic places to fish? – Embarking between the two towers of the wall, at the mouths of rivers Mollar and Tafi del Valle, head of the slope of boats, road to Tafi close the roundabout. – what if I have need to try his luck from the coast, which places recommended? – are always recommended the mouths of the river El Mollar, the El Aljibe and the Two Towers, the seawall. It is also advisable to try chirimbolos in the area where algae floating. – What bait I use? – Fundamentally fillets mojarras natural or dyed red or flavored with artificial or sardine, according to experts, should be Nereida oils. Another good bait are gambusias caught in the streams in the area. Earthworms, in some cases, are effective. – What services can I hire? – The only authorized is the empredimiento of Migui Quesada (0381-156435558). Rents boats $ 100 (includes the boat engine, fuel and insurance) per person. Also lease equipment to $ 50 (rod, reel and tackle) and sells bait ($ 15 steak sachet). Club Fishing and Boating Concepcion also has their boats, but to use must be a member and the monthly fee is $ 30. The company is still trying against all odds tohave a seat at the place to give more and better services. Its affiliates, for now, through an agreement signed with the Provincial Mutualidad receive a discount on accommodation. – You can fish all year round? – No. For over a month the fishing ban to allow reprodutivo cycle species. In principle, the ban begins in late September ,according to the assessment by the technicians and extends for a month. It must have card and can only capture 20 pieces per person per day.