Kraftworxs Full Moon White Ceramic

Already has sports clothes not only in increasing physical fitness. To wear sporty fashion anyway also in the Office and in everyday life. That the clock should adapt the fashionable outfit is almost by itself and is a correspondingly large selection in all price ranges. In the clock check, we have included four models under the microscope.

In addition to two representatives from the fashion business (Kraftworxs full moon ceramic red and Marc Coblen MC42S3) we have tested two models from the entry-level luxury segment (Raymond Weil: Tango and Longines: conquest automatic).

Our tester Tanja R., even avid sportswoman, watches it in the Office as well as in their daily jogging round did. The overall conclusion: all four have a sporty design. Some are but only conditionally suitable for use during sporting activities.

All four clocks have been extensively tested in everyday wear and had to prove themselves also in sporting activities. Above: Raymond Weil Tango and Marc Coblen MC42S3; bottom: Kraftworxs full moon ceramic and Longines conquest


Kraftworxs: Fullmoon ceramic red

furious Kraftworxs relatively new brand on the German market is launched. The combination of ceramic bracelet and bright colours on the dial is clearly a fashion statement and arrives. A very pleasant wearing feeling comes to the eye-catching design. However, the band limited dissipates sweat. While jogging, our tester is therefore not quite probably felt with this band. Also, the clasp of the watch is opened occasionally unintentionally – and there is not a way to tighten the mechanism springs. A grippy and smooth Crown makes it easier to watch. Their true strength develops the clock only at night. Then the dial lights up bright and very enduring. The technology behind it is a novelty on the watch scene and makes effortless to read the clock even in deepest darkness – during the day, however, the readability is bad.

Summary: extrapolating to the sporting activities, a dance by night at the disco has the Kraftworxs here their home and will offer definitely attention.

↑↑ very modern and striking design

^ Good operability

↔ good feel, but the sweat accumulates

↓ readability at night excellent, daytime bad

↓↓ bracelet opens unintentionally

Logines: conquest automatic


that an easy to read clock must be not necessarily large, covered the conquest. Its diameter measures no 30 mm and yet, the time is always clear and evident. Band and housing are pleasant on the arm and noticeable negative even with intense physical activity in any situation. That the clock it is also sufficiently pressure resistant, makes it also suitable for water.

Standalone, but not too flashy design the clock for almost any occasion and outfit can carry. The processing is excellent and fits to the sporting claim of the watch. The Swiss automatic movement underscores the very good value for money.

Conclusion: with the conquest, Longines offers an attractive entry into the lower luxury class. The timepiece is consistent in every detail.

↑↑ excellent value for money

↑↑ very good workmanship

^ Independent, perhaps but somewhat inconspicuous design

^ Good sports watch

↓ moderate readability


Size matters! Also ladies wearing not only watches up to 35 mm in diameter. Marc Coblen presented with 42 millimeters, a real eye catcher. However, this size and weight associated with the sport can also interfere. In everyday life, the watch feels for this very pleasant although you must adapt to survive the clock on narrow wrists. The readability of the watch is perfect in every moment.

The options for bands and bezels are a special feature. Through them, you can change the look of the clock completely. Marc Coblen offers a very wide range of elements. In the band, the Exchange is carried out quickly and easily. For the change of the bezel you should be some time for this, because the thread is very fine and releasing the old and put on the new bezel is prolonged until the new ring is tight.

Conclusion: no pure-bred sports watch, even if the appearance of such promises. The size facilitates the readability though, but in many situations as disturbing modeled. The Exchange system quickly turns a fashion watch from the sporty timepiece.

↑↑ very good readability

↑ through the switching elements to the outfit customizable

^ Belts very comfortable to wear

↔ bezel change requires some patience

The size interferes with ↓ especially during sports


Raymond Weil: Tango

That sports optics is the Tango despite their diameter of 28 millimetres unmistakably – alone because the rivets look of the bezel. Well-balanced proportions make for a comfortable fit, no matter, whether you wear the watch in the Office or at the sport. The good processing promises that the Tango it can withstand even a more robust pace.

In the design of the clock the designers had may make quiet little more courage to modernity on the day. Especially when direct light falls on the dial, a quick read because of weak contrast is hardly possible. A better anti-reflective coating would help here. Who attaches importance to this detail, must renounce to the variants with lighter dials and inevitably on the noble and very distinctive grey.

Conclusion: with small swabs is a perfectly suitable for any everyday situation watch Tango. The design is definitely independent, but strongly polarized.

↑↑ always very comfortable fit

^ Ease of use

^ Good workmanship

↔-nice, but not a modern design

↓ little contrasts, often poor readability