Kitchen Wall Stickers: The Complete Guide

Many people do not know, but the kitchen wall stickers are true “wild” for decorating a kitchen, ideal to give that finishing touch and let the environment with even more personality. After all, the kitchen, without doubt, is one of the most frequented environments of a home, and it also deserves to be well decorated.

The stickers are quite versatile, because in addition to bring a new look to space, are easy to apply, no cost, and can be exchanged easily whenever you want to change in the face of the environment, and the best, without dirt or mess.

In the market, there are stickers on the various figures, such as, fruits, phrases, cups, cutlery, flowers, drawings, prints, tiles, mimicking patterns, among others.

After all, the adhesive is also a great alternative for those who want to decorate or give more personality to the kitchen, but lives in apartment or rental property, where it can’t be done.

A lot of people have difficulty in choosing (and applying) a wall sticker in the kitchen, do arise various doubts and is not always a simple task.

So, continue reading this post, I will share with you several useful tips that will help you choose the best adhesive for your kitchen, the step by step (with tips at for you to apply the best way, and I will show you how too remove the wall sticker, if you want to.

Besides, I’m also going to share a lot of ideas for kitchen wall stickers to inspire you and help you choose a sticker for your kitchen, to make her even more beautiful, interesting and inviting, and you cook or invite friends with even more pleasure.

Choose the sticker that best complements your kitchen

One of the great things about using wall sticker to decorate the kitchen, is that the adhesive does not necessarily need to match the rest of the environment so that the space be more beautiful and different.

But you have to use common sense in time of choice of the adhesive, so the environment won’t be “weird.” After all, wouldn’t be nice to use a modern and sober wall sticker in a kitchen all decorated in vintage style!

If your kitchen has a more modern style, prefer, for example, wall stickers with phrases, geometric patterns, and simpler designs (minimalist). Avoid using cartoons or figures to get a lot of attention.

Extra Tip: If you want something quiet, you can search for wall stickers with colors that match your kitchen, so the adhesive will be even more embedded in the decoration of the environment, and calls less attention.

Now, if your kitchen has a more relaxed style, simple or taken off, choose more cheerful and colorful stickers, such as fruit, cutlery, cheerful designs, flowers, and so on.


Stay alert with the color of your wall

Another important thing to be noted, is the color of the wall where you intend to place the adhesive.

If she has a darker color, choose a sticker that has different colors on the wall, so that once applied, give notice in a clear and clear all details of the adhesive.

Now, if the wall of your kitchen is white, no need to worry, because usually the wall stickers are manufactured in order to be well presentable on white backgrounds.


Choose the adhesive with the quality according to your needs

If you intend to put a wall sticker that stay near the stove or sink, then I recommend that you seek and prefer washable wall stickers.

They have a lamination protects the adhesive and allows it can be wet and laundered in case it gets dirty or greasy, so are ideal for kitchens (and even bathrooms).

Now, if you intend to put in a location further away from the sink and stove, so you don’t have to necessarily buy washable stickers, unless you want a stronger adhesive.

And remember, search and choose only quality stickers, and which are produced and sold by trusted companies, so he will have greater durability, beauty, and of course, quality.